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Official Richard Kern Appreciation Thread

This dude is a genius, from his work with GQ to Herv

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

The Buried Life - MTV

is anybody watching this show? it's good because it reaches out to ppl on so many levels. 4 dudes on a mission to complete a list of '100 things to do before you die' and to help encourage others to go after their own lists. [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

The Xx - anybody?

This group has really grown on me in the past few weeks. i've grabbed a couple of singles but not the full xx album. sounds like a little bit of ben gibbard from death cab, and then some mellow lily allen (but i heard the girl, baria, left the group?? ) does anyone else feel their tracks? [b]Stars[/b] is &)smokeyface&) [URL] ps. if anybody's willing to share a link to their full album, can you please pm it? thanks!

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

PS3 or Xbox 360???

I did some searching on the forums and there wasn't anything on this topic... I'm conflicted, I don't know whether I should get ps3 or 360. I know I'm a little late, but I figure better late than never. I've been a long time playstation fan. And the fact that ps3 has a blu-ray player ups its value. But I feel a lot of people say 360 is better in terms of graphics and gameplay. What should I do? I'm leaning towards a ps3 at the moment, just because of the blu-ray player and because i wanna play tekken 6 lol. But otherwise, pros? cons? whats your take? thanks in advance!

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Who Goes Hard (Diss Tracks)

After hearing Eminem's 'The Warning' (aimed at Ms. Mariah Carey), I was like wowowoww. blinkyeyes But that's not a surprise. Eminem always goes hard when he's mad. [URL] He ruined Kim on this track. Wow. In light of Em's The Warning and other heavy tracks, who else goes hard on diss tracks? Jay-Z and Nas <-- that was unbelievable

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Toronto Shopping? Hot Spots?

Hey, I just moved out to Toronto and I was wondering if there were any stores that carry Surface to Air, Maharishi, YMC, Comme des Garcons, Play (CDG), and other similar brands. I heard there's a store called Nomad on Richmond, and it carries some PLAY but, it's not really all that. Are there any other stores, similar to Nomad, that carry these brands? thanks in advance! blushing

2 Weeks ago in Fashion