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Box logo hoody, grey, size M

Please PM if you have one for sale - I'm based in the UK (but am willing to buy from anywhere).

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Everyone is getting G-Shocks

seems a little bizarre to want something exactly like a g-shock when you could just...buy a g-shock?

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Supreme in Europe

You'd be hard pressed to find anywhere - they like to keep the numbers low and the products exclusive for hype, which equals popularity (and sales!). Non-Supreme stores have to pay higher prices for the clothes so they have to charge a little more (plus shipping costs from the US and then to you, plus monetary conversion costs from dollars and maybe again to another currency) and of course since it's relatively difficult to get hold of in Europe, each store carrying the brand can also add a little more on the price tag for convenience.

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What is the most comfortable shoe out there?

Air Yeezys are really comfy - well padded. Usually, the comfiest are skate shoes...

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W+H, Reigning Champ, Muji, Stussy, AA, Nike

(don't have enough posts to IM) Okay, thanks - let me know!

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W+H, Reigning Champ, Muji, Stussy, AA, Nike

I'd give you $210 for the CDG - but it would include shipping to the UK and would be paid via paypal, without the 4% (not as a gift).

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