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delusional vol: i am the best producer on hb

fuck yall i dont know anyone who got raw beats on this shit besides bkbrown thefaded and my nigga wit the hearts and shit EDIT: that nigga noah b got that heat too this is just some random beat tape shit but goddamn ill still merk a nigga off dis. [Image] http://lowbrowthehypnotic.bandcamp.com/album/orga-ni-sm also need rappers to collab wit im tryin to start a movement

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. yo fuck wit this i made most of the beats and rapped and shit. at least tell me i suck if you dont fuck wit it i basically just get gassed up by othjer ametuers so please tell me how i can get better.... ps this shit is fuckin raw so fuck you if you just press the back button before listening [Image] http://lowbrowthehypnotic.bandcamp.com/

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lowbrow- open ep

this is really on some next shit... im really tryin to get my name out there so help a brotha out if you fuck wit me http://lowbrowthehypnotic.bandcamp.com/album/open-ep [Image] https://twitter.com/lowBROWW -low

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