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Kanye West' "Black Skinhead" and "New Slaves" Enhanced Rip (Download Link)

[Image] [b]"I guess that we're the new slaves," was a very accurate description of how millions of people were waiting in front of their television, computer and mobile streaming the season final of Saturday Night Live. Ben Affleck's fifth time presenting the show wasn't however the reason, as for those who didn't know Yeezy season has begun.  [/b] Performing two songs of his new album, the now already well known "New Slaves" which was projected in 66 cities in the form of mural projections all over the world and the never before released "Black Skinhead". Wearing a full-studded leather jacket and what can be assumed to be the new Air Yeezy 3's, the rapper looked stylish as ever.  As the crowd went mad over hearing the intro track to Kanye's new album "Yeezus", which will be released on the 18th of June, and didn't know what to think about the Screamo track "Black Skinhead" sampling Marylin Manson, it's hard to say where Kanye is going with his new album. What can be said is that sampling Marylin Manson's "The Beautiful People" is something we didn't expect Ye to do. Below both performances in audio and video, the audio enhanced and edited. For the download links, go to [URL].

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Beolab 15 & 16: The Sound of Luxury, Now Invisible

[Image] [b]The tasteless flaunt what they have, the sophisticated breathe it silently. Inspired by their work on automobile stereo systems for Audi, Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin and BMW and created with the mind state that luxury is better when it's not all up in your face, award winning audio and visual empire Bang & Olufsen created the BeoLab 15 & 16.  [/b] "You'll be astonished when you first hear the incredible Bang & Olufsen sound coming from the wall’s hidden depths," say the designers at B&O about the double threat, which consists out of treble and midrange speakers (BeoLab 15), which is in its turn accompanied by a separate sub-woofer with four 4-inch speaker units (BeoLab 16) mounted in two closed box cabinets. More about the speakers and exclusive imagery on [URL]

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The Yeezus Collection (880 Songs produced, exec-produced, featured or solo by Kanye West)

[Image] [b]Another re-up, but hopefully the last. After using We-Transfer for a long time, it seemed like it was necessary to find an uploader that lasted longer than 2 weeks. With the relaunch of MEGA, Kim DotCom's new upload service after Megaupload, it seems like that day is finally there. 50gb of uploading space, no limit to the file. So here you are, The Yeezus Collection. Every production, official remix, feature, solo and executive production by the man himself.[/b] Down below are links that will bring you to one page where you can download all volumes, each uploaded to MEGA. Just like before, the collection contains every song from 1991 to 2013, with rare gems like Trina's "[i]Joanne[/i]" and several versions of "[i]808's and Heartbreak[/i]", not to forget to mention his time with Infamous Syndicate and The Go-Getters. [URL]

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Yide Yang's "The Molting Lamp": A lamp changing from wood to aluminum.

[Image] This design is truly amazing. Walnut turns into aluminum and the material gradient changes in every angle. From one side it looks as if it's from wood, the other perspective makes it look like aluminum. Check it out here: [URL]

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El Palauet Living in Barcelona

[Image] [b]Concerning Barcelona, there are only two places to stay if you want to approach your trip with lavishness and luxury: The [URL]

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The W Hotel in Barcelona

[Image] More photo's here: [URL]

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Happy Pills in Barcelona

[Image] More photo's here: [URL]

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Mike Kelley in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Beautiful short on Shoemaker

[Image] [b]There are generations that spend their time behind a screen, then there were generations that spend their life behind other machines. The time of true craftsmanship and learning skills by hand are far behind us, unless you count that small group of people barely keeping it alive, but if anyone proves that passion can keep an old heart inflamed, it's Frank Catalfumo. [/b] [b] [/b]The 91 year old shoemaker and repairer in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, first opened the doors to F&C Shoes in 1945 and until this day continues to work five days a week alongside his son Michael. Within the span of 68 years the Brooklyn native has seen generations passing and business´ rise and fall. The stories he bares with him are nothing short of amazing and intriguing, as you will notice down below. [URL]

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"Breakfast at Tiffany's" at Broadway, Finally!

[Image] [b]Based on a 1961 film that most women see as a bible for all things classy and sophisticated, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is back, but in a new home. No, not on location at a Tiffany & Co. store on Fifth Avenue, but on Broadway. The production, which started on March 20th 2013, stars London born actress Emilia Clarke(Games of Thrones), as beloved character Holly Golightly, played in the film by the legendary Audrey Hepburn.[/b] So grab a pastry, a coffee and find the nearest Tiffany’s, because you’ll need to go pick out Holly Golightly-eque pearls and an outfit to match to go see the adaption of this classy and sophisticated novella/film on Broadway.  (Cat’s are optional) This production runs until September 1st 2013 so you’ve got tons of time to get your outfit ready.  [i]For more on the broadway adaption:[/i] [URL]

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Beyonce's New "Bow Down / I've Been On"

[Image] [b]As I'm talking to someone through facebook, she sent me the new Beyonce song. After giving it a listen and feeling ready to kill the streets on a night out (not Lavish or Gentleman-esque, but hey), I told her "Beyonce is back. Hitboy song is crazy!". All she said was the truth: "No, Beyonce has been back. It's Sasha Fierce who's back."[/b] Honestly, whether its this sentence from this specific person or the rush of a Hit-Boy track that levels on the amount of epicness of "Niggas in Paris", the rawer and bitchy alter-ego Sasha Fierce has reached the surface again. Transparent, trap and crossing the boundaries where a lady turns into a leader, unstoppable. It's this powerful and intimidating side that we loved in Sasha Fierce. "Bow Down" and "I've Been On" are both separate stations within one train ride, a Southern celebration of Beyonce showing every woman that she is still the queen and her throne will not be taken. Bow Down, for she has chosen her place. And if you try to take it, she will step on you. Or in less metaphorical words, Queen Bey rules. Download Here: [URL]

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Justin Timberlake - 20/20 Experience (Deluxe Edition) (DL Link)

[Image] [b][i]Lavish Score:[/i][/b] 9.5 / 10 Download + Review Here: [URL]

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Aerial Photography of NYC by Navid Baraty

[Image] [b]The Lavish World's obsession with The Big Apple continuous with Navid Baraty's aerial photographs of the beautiful metropolitan. As a Brooklyn based photographer, Baraty knows the city like non other, capturing the buildings, parks and its citizens as if he were stopping time. Surely the city never sleeps, but that doesn't mean we can't stop it for a moment.[/b] [b] [/b]Baraty has won numerous awards for his photography and his work has been featured by National Geographic, the Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory and many more. It shows, as his work shows high depth in colors and details of the different boroughs from a birds perspective. For more, go to: [URL]

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Why Barbie might be DANGEROUS

[Image] [b]While The Lavish World really seems entertaining and fun for most of the time, [/b] [b] we do have our serious and critical side. Surely, this might seem dull [/b] [b]and nerdy, but there are moments for entertainment and moments where I [/b] [b]myself, Yoeri K. Jonker, have to speak my mind. This is one of those.[/b] As you can see above, we have a woman and their first real icon: Barbie. Now Barbie is known for her beautiful Goldie Locks-esque hair and her beautiful, perfect figure (at least for girls, [URL]

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The Brazen Age by Emmanuel Giraud (Amazing Film-Noir Photoshoot)

[Image] More here: [URL]

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