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how to get with your manager without catchin sexual *HARASSMENT*

asking for a friend............. help me out tho it's a delicate game, I'd like some opinions or ideas before I try anything regrettable. need this job throughout college so I need this shit for two years-ish so I don't want to do anything not worth it. It's at Macy's so it isn't like I can sleep my way to a promotion it's all commission based. she's also 26 when I'm 19

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I have up to four tickets for sale, will update in the morning with tagged photo of ticket. Please DM me for questions and offers. Many references.

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[Image] who's all going to bonnaroo this summer?

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APC Camo Jacket sz S DSWT $200 OBO

DSWT APC Camo Jacket retails $400ish looking for $200 OBO [Image]

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High quality, well fitting plain tees

Hey guys I'm just looking for some nice quality tees that fit real well that I can wear every day with some jeans. Any suggestions are appreciated, a fit pic of the tee would be helpful. Thanks!

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FS sz M olive snakeskin tee

$100+feesĀ [Image]

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Roshes and White Zebra Era's 10.5 $160

[Image] $160 for both sz 10.5

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Supreme Navy Lucifer L/s H&M MA1/Bomber Jacket

Luifer L/s in Navy $130 OBO [Image]

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Piss test in three days I need help

Alright guys I need help from people who have been in my situation. I smoked last saturday. It was the first time in three weeks. And my piss test is on monday. It's nothing important, my family is just drug testing me. I made the dumb mistake of taking a few bong rips. With water and cranberry juice do you think I can naturally detox in time? I'm 10% body fat and have a fast metabolism, and I drink a lot of water normally to stay hydrated. This is a test at a lab. Any advice or cheats on how to pass would be much appreciated.

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Pizzeria Worker Jerks In Kitchen

"[NSFW] 4chan catches owner of pizzeria masturbating at work. Anon posts screen caps on the business yelp, and post hilarious reviews. 4chan member actually goes in and shows the owner a printed out pic and live streams it via youtube." [Image] [URL] the reviews had me laughin so hard

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[URL] For those too lazy to read, white guy kills black kid playing loud music because he says he felt threatened when he told them to turn the music down.

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Paypal ready for some ronin tees, just comment what you have or PM me and if I like what you have I'll send money simple as that. SIZE M

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Got into wreck, ideas on costs?

Recently got into a little accident with a 2010 528i, apparently insurance is saying we need an entire new door. Can I get some opinions? Think I can just take it to a bodyshop? Thanks [Image]

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Vote to see Lil B at the Grammy's

[URL] sign this to get lil b back in, perhaps the media will see this

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Ridiculous junior running back

[Embed content] yo this is my dude jamaal. dude is a talent. spread this video, maybe one day you can see him playing college ball

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