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Nike Dunks, SBs, AF1s, Blazer, Air Max, Court Force, BP x Circa, Reebok

*Mods: feel free to let me know if there is anything wrong with my listing. -please add sz. 8-9.5 to my title It's my first time slanging kicks here on HB, but if you need any references I've sold a few tees on here, and plenty of kicks and clothes on eBay with 100% positive feedback. ebay handle: flymatic929. Shoes range from DS to worn. Sorry for the dirtiness of some of the shoes, I was just too lazy to clean them before taking pictures. *International buyers please contact me with any questions, just expect to play a lot for shipping. *I only accept Paypal *prices DO NOT include shipping Feel free to PM me or email me at [email]joemail29@gmail.com[/email] for any other questions or more pictures. Thanks for looking [Image] DS Reebok Ventilator DES sz. 9 $45 Air Jordan VII Cardinals - SOLD

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What does this light/symbol mean?

Can somebody help me out here, I don't have the owner's manual for my car, and this light came on, but I can't figure out what it means. I thought it was my lights, but all my front AND rear lights are working fine (signal, break, etc.) Any help would be dopely appreciated. Thanks. [Image]

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[FS] Diamond Supply, Crooks, BBC, Freshjive, IM KING M-XL HEAT MM Tee, G.O.O.D.

First time posting a Marketplace thread on HB, so if anybody needs "credentials" my eBay handle is: Flymatic929 *IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN THE U.S. EXPECT SHIPPING TO BE A LITTLE MORE THAN THE PRICE LISTED* Bills/Xtra Cash/Closet Space/ are all reasons why I have to let part of my collection go. Got a few goods from - Diamond Supply Co. (Tees/Hoody) - Crooks and Castles (Tees) - Billionaire Boys Club (Hoodies - IM KING (Tee) * Everything is 100% BRAND NEW Legit, and Unworn. * I'll accept money orders, money transfer, cash, and of course Paypal. * Local meetups available around the OC/LB area * Private auctions are cool * If anybody needs more pics, or if something's wrong with my thread feel free to just let me know. * Shipping is included in prices listed. On to the goods... Diamond Supply Co. - Street Script (Medium) $20 [Image] Diamond Supply San Francisco SF Seals - SOLD Diamond Supply x Girl Marilyn Monroe MM Tee - SOLD Diamond Supply Carabiners (blue/red) - SOLD Diamond Supply Classic Surf - SOLD Diamond Supply Diamond Eyes - SOLD Diamond Supply x Pabst (PBR) - SOLD Diamond Supply x Power 106 Puro Pari - SOLD Diamond Supply x Mighty Healthy Bootee - SOLD Diamond Supply New York Diamond Life - SOLD Diamond Supply LA Shine hoody - SOLD Diamond Supply Skate Harassment - SOLD Diamond Supply Ridin Neon - SOLD Crooks and Castles Gucci Big Link - SOLD Crooks x G.O.O.D. - SOLD Freshjive Traditions hoody - SOLD

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