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[Supreme] - Spring/Summer 2017 Discussion

Haven't bought Supreme for ages, and i wanna cop the Harrington. How much am i going to pay at resell? im slow af

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What's next for Hip-Hop?

Hip-Hop is dead

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Interstellar discussion (SPOILER)

I enjoyed this movie so much, that one time where they returned to the ship, and that black dude has turned old, fucking blew my mind

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Predictions for 2015 (best rap albums)

Coles new album is straight fire, and could probably be one of the very best of this year.  Otherwise i think ofc Kendricks, maybe Drakes if he goes at it like with 0-100, Kanyes could be interesting aswell, hoping for something like 808's and Heartbreaks part 2.  I have absolutely no love for Earl or Tyler, cool dudes but music wise nothing to loose sleep about.  And i probably gonna have a laugh on Waynes new album.

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gambling/counting cards

I play online poker, with a 67k$ profit for 2014. I know you probably can't play that much in the US after BF. But if someone is playing on here, i would love to do some sparring with some of you blushing

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Lets Accept That Eminem Fell Off

Em need to get back on the drugs

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dope watch brands.

Breitling and TAG Heuer If you are the boss, go Hublot.

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1 designer for the rest of your life.... Vol. Hypothetical Brand Loyalty

Probably some Jerry Lorenzo shit, could consider Astrid Andersen and Ralph Lauren aswell  Shoe wise it would have to be Jordans

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[serious]My girl told me that from the age of 13-15 she had sex with her dog

If this thread wasn't a obv troll, it coulda been GOAT

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What are you watching?

Currently watching The Blacklist, i mean this is srsly GOAT!

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What should i spend my first paycheck on?

All these guys saying "dont waste your money on clothing" etc etc Do you realise that you are on HB bro?

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adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings “Dark Knight”

If they aren't insanely pricey, i would consider buying them just to see them on my feet!

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What's the difference between a swagfag, hypebeast, and people wearing streetwear?

swagfag = no bogo  hypebeast = bogolife

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[Supreme] 2014 Discussion thread - TROLLING/FLAMING/SELLING=BAN

Looking forward to see hooligans world wide, rocking Supreme.. An interesting colab, and for sure a clash of sub cultures.

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Old Eminem vs Current Eminem

No one can honestly say that the "new" Eminem, is better than the "old" one.  I feel like it was a nice try with the MMLP2, but imo it ended up being the wrong move, the MMLP2 just doesn't do justice to the MMLP.

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