What Video Game are You Playing

Totally just ordered Kingdom Hearts I and II to play with my little girl. They had a deal for both on FRY's with a coupon for $18. Newer: Skyrim and Reckoning

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Flip Flops?

Check out Havaianas. I have a pair from two years ago that are still like new and they look typical but have been much more comfortable than the cheap ones. I saw a free shipping online promotion for orders from Bloomingdales if you don't find them local.

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Offical Coupon Code Thread

I just found a promo code online for Revolveclothing, TULIP, for 10% off I <3 Karmaloop.

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SXSW - Ain't No Love - SHINE

WOW I can't believe it's that time of year again already!!!!

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What are you watching?

Don't watch much TV but I am addicted to AMC's The Walking Dead.

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Need help finding a movie

I watched it I thought it was OK but my sister really enjoyed it.

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Recommend me good running shoes

[Quote] I love my new balance minimus but I might give the lunarglide +3 a try. I was told they are good for running marathons, I don't know. Any thoughts on that?

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Shades for 2012

Thanks for the site I'll check it out. I like to get my shades from sunglassessave.com. They have a good selection it is a UK website but the prices are still good.

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Celebs Rockin Heat! / What are they wearing?

[Quote] FUNNY!!!

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What are you going to use the tablet for? Is it something that you really need or something that you really want? Me personally I would do some more research and come up out the pocket and buy a brand new one. I've heard some good things about the Samsung. I don't know anyone with the Lenovo.

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headphones endorsed by artists.

Get Bose they are just good imo

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Bottom line - Best denim under $100

Levis will do the trick. I am personally not a fan of unbranded, but @ 80 bucks a pop its a deal for selvedge

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