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$5 Shirt Sale! Evisu Size Large Japanese!!

I need to sell these shirts so their all $5. Shipping is $5 flat and i prefer payment by Paypal. All are size Large in Japan and have original tags included. [Image] PM me

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AJF 5 Stealth/White-Black-Bright CCTS US11 $100 Shipped

VNDS AJF 5's purchased a while back from pickyourshoes.com so i'm assuming 100% authentic (They have a UPC code but legit check them if you want) [LIST] [*]Worn 1x no joke so some minor crease marks (the 3M shows creases alot) [*]Located in Oregon, will ship anywhere in the US, or we can work something out internationally [*]Bought for $150, asking $100? [*]PM and Paypal (Gift) are key! [/LIST] [Image]

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Assorted Evisu Shirts (L) & Cold Denim Nudie Jeans (30x34) & The Hundreds Hoodie (L)

I'm doing a closet sale so i need these clothes gone! [LIST] [*]PM is Key! [*]Paypal (4% or Gift idc) and i don't ship first [*]Located in Oregon [*]Shipping flat rate $5 for first and second items [*]Multiple (3+ items) Free shipping [*]All these items are a GREAT deal (Look around, Seriously) [*]Most Evisu shirts have a Japanese L fit (Shirts are Japanese size L) [*]Everything 100% Authentic w/ Original Tags [*]Evisu shirts purchased from Evisu.com (Seasonally, No Joke) [*]Nudie Jeans given to me by a friend from The Netherlands [*]The Hundreds Tres hoodie purchased from MLTD [/LIST] Evisu Men's Fuji T (Size L)- $15 (Retail $64.00) (9.8/10) [Image] PM for Possible Trades

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Evisu Shirts (L) & Nudie Jeans (30)

Look at the new thread

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