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Creative shit/ ideas/ feedback thread

since the other sections dont get much traffic i figured id start this thread here. I know we got photographers, designers, producers, entrepreneurs etc in here. So post all ideas, inspiration, stuff you wanna show off, get feedback on in here. Id post first but i dont want it to look like im spamming shit lol

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whats your guys thoughts virtual reality/ 360 video industry?

im working for a tech start up and since HB has always been a culturally furturistic place I wanted to gauge your guys' opinion on the matter. The start up i intern has deep connects in the music industry (dont wanna name drop because thats lame) and 360 video industry so i just wanted to bounce ideas on here.

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gonna try and start a podcast/radio show. who are up and coming artists HB?

any advice, suggestions, artist plugs are welcome

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Cheap sunglasses?

I'm not trying to pay rape price for shades that have the same lenses as all the other shit. What are some cheap reliable brands or websites? I'd say cheap is anything 100 and below

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