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[A Bathing Ape] - 2014 Official Discussion Thread

So... I was doing my regular rounds today, looking for new stuff, and I came across this listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bape-Blue-Camo-Shark-Hoodie-/251851583830?ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123 . Of course, I was a little skeptical of the item because the pics weren't tagged and the seller was new, so I decided to send him a message to see if I could get tagged pics. Also, just because I've seen newbies list used stuff as new, I asked him if the item was in fact "New without Tags", as he listed. He messaged me back with this: [b]"No its been worn, it CAN PASS AS DS. No flaws, never been washed."[/b] When I messaged him back and told him that it was messed up to list a used item as "New", he got upset, not understanding why I was "butthurt" and telling me he can't believe I was upset about that, as he's "never had no one wine about that". Bear in mind, the dude has ZERO feedback, so it makes sense nobody would "wine" about it. Anyways, my question is this: am I wrong for getting utterly frustrated and annoyed at this guy for posting an admittedly "Used" item as "New", or is this now accepted in the "Buy/Sell" community? In his defense, the item was never washed! SMFH...

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[Palace] – 2015 Official Discussion Thread

[Quote]You're gonna have to do some legwork, fam. I doubt most people on here are gonna want to just pass out info like that on a public forum and undoubtedly blow up the spot. That being said, it's not rocket science. Why people ask things that can be found with a 2-min Google search is beyond me...

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Post Hypebeast Picture at There Prime. VOL SAC BEEFIN

[Quote]Dude on the left looks like a black gangster version of The Vatos "gang" leader from Season 1 of The Walking Dead. On another note, the dude's jeans on the right look like the reflection from a funhouse mirror or something. Shit is trippy.

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Post Hypebeast Picture at There Prime. VOL SAC BEEFIN

[Quote]Kinda sounds like you have a weird fixation for him, especially considering that you mentioned his body size while also pretty much confirming you follow him or at the least have done quite a bit of research on the guy.

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[Supreme] 2014 Discussion thread - TROLLING/FLAMING/SELLING=BAN

FYI, none of this gang shit matters if you're a suburban kid (regardless of your skin color). No (serious) gang members are going to run up on you asking what set you claim, when you look like a One Direction member, Childish Gambino, or some quasi-"G-Dragon", and I'm guessing that 99% of the active members in this thread qualify under that description. That comes from someone who has actually spent a lot of time (in the past) in high crime/gang-infested areas in LA, Memphis, Baltimore, and DC. Sorry if that ruins your gangster drama fantasies.

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[OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH] - 2013 Official Discussion Thread

[Quote]That's not true at all. I personally fuck with Pyrex Vision because I actually LIKE the way the shit looks. There's something about strong words/dope names (and what is a doper name than "Pyrex Vision", literally?.) in strong fonts that I like (same thing with Supreme). But besides that, the prints on the front of the tees/hoodies (I'm talking about the Caravaggio tee/hoodie and the tee with the girl with green highlights) are evocative and create a cool juxtaposition with the "Pyrex" and "23" (oh, did I mention I'm a big MJ fan?.) on the back.  Also, having grown up in the 90's, the whole "printing on Champion" aesthetic is something that is dope to me. Is it a bit overpriced? Most def. Does the fact that guys like A$AP and Kanye wore it - guys who I admire stylistically (for the most part) - add a "coolness" factor to it and influence that? Of course (just like the rest of you and the clothes you like; everyone is influenced by someone). But that's not the main reason why I fuck with Pyrex (not so much OFF-WHITE, although I do have the OFF-WHITE/PYREX hoodie collab with Show Studio, and plan on picking up the OFF-WHITE flannel if I can find it on sale); it's because I LIKE IT.  I swear the majority of y'all are either just hating to hate (the Hypebeast modus operandi) or hating cuz y'all can't cop.

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Hip Hop Ts? (extra long t shirts..)

@b-r-ate who are you, the Hip Hop general? You sound like a weirdo/possibly closet-homosexual.

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This company is really dope. ...if I'd never seen Pyrex Vision or Neighborhood (or is it Mastermind that uses the skull rabbit logo).  C'mon son. And the plays on 80's rock band logos has been done to death already, several years ago. No originality. I don't know you and have no ill will towards you or your brand; I'm just being honest, coming from the perspective of someone who loves fashion and, more importantly, originality. Peace.

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Legit check Air Jordan 11's bred PICS

Wow. Just wow. I'd say your user name is highly appropriate in this situation. The fact that the production date on the tag was 3 years off should've been the kick in the stomach you needed not to buy these. But the kick in the face was the "carbon fiber", like a couple people pointed out. Carbon fiber on any Jordan 11 is gonna look like lead, with that same shine/look as pencil lead. It should DEFINITELY not look like plastic. Carbon fiber and plastic aren't even in the same ballpark, so that is always a great indicator of "legit-ness".

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