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Two cops shot in NY by mentally ill man


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That nigga never loved yall

Wolf in sheep's clothing ....  [URL] "African-American wealth has fallen further under Barack Obama than under any president since the Depression" And to think yall believed that silly ass pimp talk ...  [Image]

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Intagram's Lavish gets thrown in hardened prison

[URL] [Image] While i do think this kid is a clown. I can't help but think.. Man, America's fuckn police/jailing system is so goddamn fucked man. On the most random shit, you can be tossed in jail and the key thrown away... Not only did they charge him excessively but they sentenced him to an absurd amount of time in a hardened jail.. God knows what happened in the span of 2 weeks.. He gets thrown in the most hardened section of a fuckn mental  ward and then the judge says they lost the paper work and can't do shit. Wtf is wrong w/ this country man? If they can do this to someone's whose wealthy and has the best lawyers, imagine what these niggas do to average people on a daily basis.

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It's poetry time Niggas

how is it "Me". Dis' nigga, standing here... A composition of atoms of matter... of energy of pieces half assembled Tasked in time and space to decide the remaining order Enabled to "see" beyond a darker frame cast abound To reflect on my own wonder ... .. my own folly. with   such grace. End of the day, you're nothing more than a bunch of careful strung together atoms with intricately woven bonds that are made and broken trillions of times per second..  Who is "dat' Nigga"? Who is "you" *Discuss

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Dippin in my whip

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mericah' aint bout dem kids

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