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Hypebeast dead.

No seriously, bout as dead as The wait for Jay Electronica album. Bout as dead as wale's look when he saw Jay Z album date. Bout as dead as OKC fans last year when they realized they werent winning the Finals.

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When stunting goes wrong.

http://m.worldstarhiphop.com/apple/video.php?v=wshh130g56vMgh41q22D They crash into another boat.

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[WTB] Nike SB Concord

Need a Size 10, missed out on copping these.

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Word Of Advice: Never Catch Feels.

Not for bitches, not on forums, not for anything. Learn how to turn them emotions off, cause it helps in the long run.

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Bitches be sus.

Title says it all, not all though. anybody got some sus bitch stories?

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Help a nigga out on how to fight.

No sus shit, the best fighting moves and all that. Really pissed off that i dont know how to fight, and im ready to humiliate a nigga.

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Where The Mods At?

They have an off day?

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[WTB] BBC/Ice Cream

The season does not matter, just good condition.

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Yo SGP getting outta hand

https://mobile.twitter.com/SpaceGhoztPurrp just look.

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Whats it like?

Having a father that cares for you instead of making your life shit cause his life is shit. I heard what he calls me and honestly I dont care anymore. I feel it wouldve been better if he just fucking left and never came back. I feel this way every day.

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Nicki Minaj's ass

[Image] Edit:Original question was is it real or fake?

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Striped T Shirts

Anybody know where to cop, i know American Apparel has some but they have a few.

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Dam Kids Growing Up Fast.

[Embed content]

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Check it out http://www.xxlmag.com/xxl-magazine/2013/01/vote-now-2013-xxl-freshman-class-10-spot/

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Lupe Fiasco....

Anybody else see something going wrong? He cancelled F&L2 Sequel and now he's deleting his twitter.

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