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Starting a New Line/Brand Feedback Thread

[Quote]Not bad, definitely a clean product. I would be surprised if the Hundreds sent you guys a cease and desist notifications. Still clean though.

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Best Scary Movies

The Amityville horror.

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Which is a better logo?

The 2nd one, at first glance they kind of look like the transformer logo.

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Would you wear this tee?

What does that say?

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Tumblr killed Streetwear

Tumblr didn't kill streetwear. People just care to use the term "streetwear" so loosely. There are still plenty of good brands out there with more to come. People look at the fashion industry like a get rich quick scheme and on the backside consumers catch sight of shitty brands that choose to affiliate their clothing line with the term "streetwear" but know nothing about it's history they just see other people doing and figure "hell I can do that." Fashion is like the new form of rap, either you know somebody doing it or someone who figures they are about to do it. In the process people have lost sight of what brands remain true to the culture and what brands are just trying to gain relevance or trying to make a quick buck. To say The Hundreds killed streetwear is pretty obsurd they just put a spotlight on it in may ways that people who are fans of the brand and streetwear fashion would not rather have. Those who remain true to the culture will be here for the long haul and those who aren't will fall by the waist side. If you have a favorite brand remain true. Truth Pays. TGL

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Official Tumblr Thread


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Do you believe in karma?

Are you sure the dog sucking your "peanut butter glazed dick" isn't a fantasy? That was much too graphic, to be make believe. Haha! I don't believe in Karma I believe everything happens for a reason though.

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Some of you only like this song because you'd love to fuck.

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