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Let's Discuss the Strongest/Weakest Spring Collections

Taking into account hype/anticipation. - I think Dope Couture is really coming into their own. Their spring line thoroughly represents the brand, the pieces are all wearable, mature, eye-catching while remaining subtle, and pretty awesome. - Supreme. Let me say, I don't own an article of Supreme clothing ... but even as they've become dangerously popular, just from their visuals, you can tell they've continued to kill it with this release. - Only NY came weak with this spring release (I'm referring to the just released items). My anticipation was only equaled by my disappointment. All the aspects of quality I named for DC above were standby attributes for ONLY and they misfired on this one (many of the pieces are far too similar to past releases, and their logo-featured products are not as creative as they were in previous lines. Color choices are out there, graphic tees are boring.) I still love ONLY though. - Alife ... has fallen off. Crucify me all you want, they're staple of crude block letter tee's and they're signature ALIFE tees are all overdone. Lemme hear your guys thoughts...

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brehs did Pegleg die?

Cause i think they died. They had some quality shit for a minute their too...

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Sweater ID!

First dude to spit his verse, multi-colored jacket, sleeves rolled up. [URL] Any idea?!

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[Fast!Times Clothing] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

So no thread for these guys, but they're alive and kicking! Had checked the site last month and it looked pretty dead, but they got some new tee's up you can check out + a crew or two. [URL]

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OOOH- Someone I.D. this for me!

Never worn a flannel in my life (i dont even wear button downs really), but I like Wayne's look here. what sort of button down is that? the way he has his collar it almost looks like a zip up but i'm sure it's not... worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh8rcLqF5iSh7V4lw0

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Shoes To Get Me Through the RAIN...

Going to school in the northwest, and it's raining every...day...it sucks- and i dunno what to do about my sneaker situation. I'm not a huge shoe guy, I got like four pairs of shoes, three being colorful retro high-tops, that i would hate to see get dirty and muddy. So what do I do here? Is there a certain type of shoe to cop that has material that can maintain even in rainy weather (not rainboots, but like SB types? ) Or is there maybe any type of shoe anyone has in mind that could get dirty and still come out looking okay? I dunno. I'll take any help!

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Brands by tee quality (lightweight)?

I'm looking to buy lightweight summer tee's, and I'm just wondering if anybody knows which brands veer more on the thin sort of shirt as opposed to the heavy type. I've seen a few on the Alife site but they're all out. If you have any other brands, lemme know! it'd be greatly appreciated...

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A.R.C./Alife Shipping Issues Anyone?

Dunno what the deal is. I purchased a few things through the Rivington Club site, and it's been almost two weeks with no word on shipping or anything of the like. Their email address no longer works and the phone number for customer assistance has been disconnected. What's up with these guys?

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QUICK lookup on what Jigga's Rocking

I've literally never worn a shirt like this before for some reason and I know shit is simple enough, I just dunno what the shirts are even called or where to cop. Any help is appreciated. tinypic.com/view.php?pic=9hto40&s=5

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So are the Riv beats Laf 29-29 shirts from ARC/Alife supposed to mean anything?

Or are they just trying to be random for the hell of it?

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Difference In Tees/Material

Anybody able to tell me the difference between this sort of lightweight cotton- hxxp://i49.tinypic.com/678d1g.jpg And heavier, thicker cotton shirts you might regularly find? I find the type of shirts pictured are much nicer overall, but I'm not exactly sure what makes them different from "normal" tees. Anybody able to tell me?

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