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To put it simply: streetwear brand Mike 23 - headed by someone you may or may not be familar with, Scott Nelson, was recently sent a cease & desist for what Nike called engaging "in the design, marketing and sale of clothing, footwear, products and accessories that infringe Nike and Converse's trademarks and trade dress." Not being the first streetwear brand to come under fire for "infringement", I would love to hear some opinions on the matter. Better & more in-depth information is available at: [URL] Nas in Mike 23 [Image]

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Altered Ipones Freeze Up

Altered iPhones Freeze Up By KATIE HAFNER SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28

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Seven Jeans Fights Counterfeits

Found this on the kitmeout.com forum, I took a few paragraphs out [URL] To view articles featuring counterfeiting and 7 For All Mankind's effort to combat it, please click on the items below: If you would like to submit information on a suspected seller of counterfeit 7 For All Mankind products, please click here to complete our counterfeit reporting document. Completed documents can be faxed to 7 For All Mankind at 646.839.5434 or email completed documents to [email]counterfeits@7forallmankind.com[/email] I [B]hate[/B] counterfeiter - especially when they blatantly lie to me when the item is obviously fake. See plently of 'em almost everyday. But I`m a reluctant bout reporting them cause I can't knock them for trying to do something for themselves & they're families

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is August 11th -- I`m thinkin about going. But I know if i do i`ll blow my entire pay check = / Is anyone else going or gone previously?

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To be honest I just went to pick up a pair of Nudie's & I noticed there was a huge sale. For all I know the sales items could be shit, just wanted to give people a heads up though. I think it ll last for a few days so if your in the area you might wanna check it out. There was also a sale @ Union, dunno how long it lasts though. It was shit in my opinion. Neighborhood and Original Fake shirts are never worth the money imo.

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Can I Revive Them?!

I`ve had a pair of Levi Red raw denim for a while & i bought em true to my size...lately they`ve been stretching a lil and now the fit is wack...i`ve been gettin em dry cleaned when needed by now i`m thinking maybe i should throw them in the washing machine in hopes of them shrinking & then get them pressed at the dry cleaners or something good move? i may just try to buy them again... & if all else fails...where can i go to get a go pair of nudies or flatheads

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