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which shoes should i get?

Back in jr. high I wanted some cool skate shoes like the orig D3's, but my cheap ass mom would only let me get some ugly ass skechers on sale. I'm still recovering from that shit, lmao.

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Going to buy some summer kicks, which ones?

Low top skate shoes all day.

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Fresh kicks under $20

[Quote] True. I've seen shoes hella cheap at H&M but they're ugly IMO. Alot of them were just knock-offs of the already played of converse chuck taylors

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Official Curren$y Thread

loved him on the Get back song by 504 boyz

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How Many Pairs Of Shoes you own?


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BombSquad YoYo

Yo-yo's FTW

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Fresh kicks under $20

Damn thats hella cheap good post

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making beats?

Download the free demo of FL studio online.

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Pictures from a Toyota Supra BBQ Meet

Supra's are one of those cars that just have timeless styling. Very few cars from 1993 look that good. Kinda funny the same holds true for the 300zx, and 3000gt.

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Are Coogi shoes comfortable/durable?

What up guys? I've been thinking about getting some coogi shoes for a while, but no stores have them around me so I'd have to buy online. I don't like buying shoes online (except from zappos) cause you never know if they are comfortable or not. Anyone here have coogi shoes? How comfortable are they and are they good quality as far as durability? I know sometimes brands that don't specialize in shoes can sometimes be cheaply made and not so comfortable. Thanks

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Nike or Converse

I miss my old kevin johnson Con's. I thought I was the shit in those shoes, lmao.

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Recommend me good running shoes

Asics all the way. I do alot of running and have owned all brands and Asics are my favorite by far. I'm not the kind of person who gets loyal to one brand but the fact is asics specializes in running shoes and you get the best shoes for the money. Alot of other brands like nike or reebok jack up the prices for their brand name and add extra stuff to make them fashionable. I just picked up a pai or gel pulse 2's at sports authority on sale and they are super comfortable. I have bad knees and joints and with these shoes I don't have any pain. They have some cushiony thing under the ball of your foot to lessen the impact.

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The Official Asian Females Thread

I fucking love this forum

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which converse are theses?!


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