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[London] - Bicester Village

Hey, I'm planning to go to Bicester Village Outlet to buy some branded goods at a relatively discounted price, but i have never been, just wondered what kind of atmosphere it is and is it easy to find stuff. can someone share their experiences with me as i am planning to either go with my family or my girl friend.... but need to save up some money.

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Jean Size's

Hiya, i having problems with buying jeans else where... i live within the UK...but i want to buy jeans else where but i normally fit into W32 but i seen a pair of jeans i want but they sizing is different to mine so just wondering which size wud fit me ?? M = 30~32 inch L = 33~35 inch XL = 36~38 inch can someone please help me thanks

2 Weeks ago in Denim

Any Dealers...

Any Dealers Who Can Help People Order...Stuff Off The Net And Send Them To Other Places... For Example... I Been On A Korean Website....And I So Wanted These Jeans On Them But Theres No Way I Can Get Em Cause Im Not Korean... So Just Wondering Are They Anyone In The Asia End...Do Dealings...Like Buy Clothes For The Ppl Who Want Certain Things And Maybe Charge Abit More :S:S:S Get Back To Me =D PS - Dealers From Japan, Hong Kong, And Korean Would Be Sick

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Gym Trainning {Noobish}

Hi, Yeah, i need some advice and ways to build up stronger arms and work on my six pack...but however, i recently started going to gym... any professionals out there who can give a guy like me whose lazy...some tips on how to work on these aspects of my body... How Many Times Do I Have To Go Gym A Week? - Im Currently Planning to go twice a week ? is that okay or am i pushing myself... however...im a breakdancer...and im learning breakdancing as well so i would love to work on my arms and my six pack quickly or something... Any Tips?? Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Sports

Any Good Shops...In London!

Hi, I been to london so many times...in the past but i havent been shopping in london and im just thinking of going shopping in xmas...when im in london...are there any good shops in london... these are what i want... Baggy Jeans w/ funky designs (eg like evisu's or red monkey) Tee's (Stussy) thanks in advance =D

2 Weeks ago in Europe