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Diamond x Crooks Hoody (L), Jack Purcell Straw Hat (9)

[B]Diamond x Crooks and Castles "World is Yours" Hoody. [/B] [B]Color: [/B]Black [B]Size: [/B]Large [B]Quality:[/B] Great. Worn 1-2x, never washed. [B]Notes:[/B] There were 200 of these released in Gray, I think 100 in Black, but not sure. I was told that the black ones were given to family and friends. Bought this at a Diamond sale a couple years back, found it on the sample rack. [B]Asking Price: $120.[/B] Front: [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Your favorite toys as a child?

legos forsure

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Ryan Leslie is that ♥♥♥♥♥

ryan leslie is a great producer. jack of all trades, playing all the instruments and what not haha

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Skins: TV Series.

us skins is horrible compared to the uk skins. a lot of censorship, crappy acting, less interesting characters, and now america is worried that it's borderline "child pornography" lols. the us cast just seems awkward. uk skins, kaya scodelario (effy) &)

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Captain america 2011

captain america and the avengersssss

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment


i'm not too into the heavier dubstep, garage dubstep etc. the ambient/lighter dubstep is nice though. [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

What phone you got?

[Image] love my phone, especially the super amoled screen and that it comes with stock gingerbread.

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Starcraft 2 Official Discussion Thread

banelings are not op. like dopeski said, it's all about siege positioning and marine splitting. banelings are viable in zvp, you load banelings into overlords and carpet bomb the protoss ball. can take out half their army if you land them right in the center. i hate how everyone always talks about how x is imbalanced when they have no real grasp of the game. everything at my level is fine for the most part. some units could use some tweaks here and there, but nowhere near imbalanced. ~2.8k masters

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Official Discussion Thread

needa fix my ps3 -_-. wanna get mvc3 so bad.

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Android Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] yep yep, my phone came installed with it, gingerbread &). love my nexus s

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

What kinda backpack do you rock ?

rockin plain jansport for now. need a new backpack though, has gum and shit on it lol.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

[b]If you wanna sell something do it in the Marketplace. -Sonny[/b]

2 Weeks ago in Brands

[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Selling a Large Black World is Yours hoody worn only 2x/3x, never washed. It was a limited release a while ago and I picked it up from a sale at the store a couple years back. Looking for $100, hit me up.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Selling a Black World is Yours Hoody in Large. I got it off the sample rack at one of the Diamond sales last year or last last year, I forget which. Only worn maybe two or three times, less than five times forsure. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe only 50-100 were made and were given out to friends and family. Hit me up with offers. [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Brands

[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2009 Discussion Thread.

Anyone got a White Medium Puro Pari for sale? Trying to get one in the $40 price range

2 Weeks ago in Brands