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[URL] just re-did my website. Im a designer out of Pittsburgh. Check it out, I have prints for sale under "STILL". contact by email if your interested. trying to move portfoliobox to my new site/design. Going to switch to www.workofcody.com over next couple days.

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APC New Cure Homme 30

Brand new, tags $150

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APC New Cure Homme 30


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Comme Des Garcon/Versace/Supreme/HUF

[Image]" />  CDG: $90 New-Without tags  (M) Supreme: $25 Each - 8/10...All washed today, ready to go (M) Versace x H&M: $100 (M) Supreme Fitted 7'8'' 9/10 $40 HUF Snapback: $30 Supreme 32' Camos: $200 (These have been tailored) (DM for more info) Pins are random shit I have, ill throw one in on each order TRADING IS GOOD! HMU FOR OFFERS!

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closed/ outcheyaa

wanna trade for that kate moss large? 724-714-1418 i got comme des garcon, versace x h&m and like 5 supreme tees

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Supreme/Comme Des Garcon/Versace x H&M Tees

I have a few tees in medium from supreme, a large yellow tee from supreme, medium cdg tee and a medium versace tee....Im having problems uploading the image. If interested hmu 724-714-1418 and I have a pic of all tees I can send. Im looking to get new large tees...or cash so I can get those apc kaynes!

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[Supreme] 2014 Discussion thread - TROLLING/FLAMING/SELLING=BAN

removed post

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Nike Flyknit Trainer White/Black Size 12

Ive been looking for these bastards for prob a month solid now. Best I can find is $200 on ebay, does anybody have some websites I can check out to find this sneaker? They are a must with my back john elliotts

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recent designs - thoughts?

I really like the way the images look. I am not the hugest fan of the text in your last 4. Im sure you can work with this to make it fall in place a little better. But still really cool ideas, the first 4 would look great framed and put together.

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How many shoes are in your rotation.

Blue Roshe Runs Raging Bull SB's Levi x Nike Black SB's Black Cement 3's Couple Cole Haans (Work-Dress) Gucci Flip Flops

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