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Talk to strangers.

[Quote] I think you should've [I]stayed[/I] banned. Connecting to server... Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: what You: wsup yoooooo Stranger: wsup You: how u hangin guh Stranger: can i be ur bussit baby? You: yea idk what that is You: bussit what is this ish Stranger: my pussy smells like wattah You: ooo sht You: gross You: h2o dont smell yo Stranger: exactlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy You: gross Stranger: u never had vagina Stranger: you watch the OFFICE? You: i got one yo You: naw Stranger: ur female? You: yea Stranger: white? You: naw You: filipina Stranger: i love filipina chicks You: thats wsup Stranger: do you speak tagalog? You: naw not rly sum though You: kumusi ka You: kumusti* Stranger: u like black guys? You: i like the only girl i know who dosnet lol You: yea i dig sum Stranger: i have never shown a girl my private par Stranger: *part Stranger: how big should it be? You: lol You: idk bout....8 ? You: lol Stranger: 8???? Stranger: im only 4.5 You: inches You: o thats ite You: i guess Stranger: i herd filipinas are black Stranger: not asian Stranger: is this true? You: we get down lol You: but naw asian Stranger: and that asian women have sideways vaginas You: LOL Stranger: because when they stretch their legs it gets tighter You: i heard that to You: naw =] Stranger: but yo, are u freaky? Stranger: i like freaky girls You: i no how 2 get down lol Stranger: u ever done anal? You: naw Stranger: would u try it? You: idk maybeeee Stranger: u know swallowers are keepers You: ...LOL You: yea Stranger: u swallow? You: naw i heard thats wsup tho You: i needa try Stranger: i like chicks with bushes Stranger: none of that shaven shit You: i keep it clean lol You: rly tho? Stranger: yeah You: mos dudes like clean Stranger: its more attractive Stranger: like a grown women look You: i will remember dat then aha Stranger: you have myspace? You: yea You: where u stayin at? Stranger: montreal Stranger: whats ur myspace? You: o shit You: i gotchu You: [URL] Stranger: whats the main page look like You: that looks tite tho Stranger: go to the forums Stranger: its better You: ite aha You: dats a lot of shoee shit lol Stranger: yeah lol Stranger: thats what the sites mainly about You: tokyo got all the shoe shit yo Stranger: bapes? You: yea lol You: but mor ish than dat aha Stranger: they have alot of good denim in tokyo You: EXPENSIVE ! Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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