Bronson - 2009

[Image] "Bronson is a 2009 British biographical crime film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Tom Hardy. The film follows the life of notorious prisoner Michael Gordon Peterson, who was re-named Charles Bronson by his fight promoter. Born into a respectable middle class family, Peterson would nevertheless become one of the country's most dangerous criminals, and is known for having spent almost his entire life in solitary confinement. Bronson is narrated with humour, blurring the line between comedy and horror. It explores the idea of a man's violence as his alter-ego." It's based on this guy [URL]) Has anybody seen this or even heard of it? I'm surprised that everybody I have mentioned this to had no idea what I was talking about. I actually thought the film was put together really well, despite what others/critics have said.

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[FS] VNDS Jordan 1 low's sz 10 - Cheap!

Paypal only, and no 4% nonsense. Shipping is included in the price if you live in the USA. Please contact me about shipping intl. VNDS size 10 jordan 1 low's. Only worn a few times. I love these shoes, but they're just too small for me so keeping them doesn't make much sense. They're already priced pretty cheaply, but feel free to make an offer. Only trades I'm willing to accept (will add cash): Supreme box logos size L Black Tyson size L Black/cement 3's size 10 or 10.5 Black/red 4's size 10 or 10.5 Infrared am90's size 10 or 10.5 Vivid blue am90's size 10 or 10.5 [Image] S/O: $65 BIN: $85 Best way to contact me is here via PM, but I'm also on aim: smolik75 Thanks.

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[FS] DS Wtaps chukka sz 10.5 black/black

Paypal only (no 4% bullshit, thank me later). Won't ship first obv. Trades: Black/cement Jordan 3's, 10 or 10.5, vnds or better Black/red Jordan 4's, 10 or 10.5, vnds or better Supreme Box logo shirts size L, vnds or better Supreme Tyson tee, black, vnds or better 100% DS, tried on once for 30 seconds then put back in the box. s/o $100 h/o $115 shipped BIN: Highest offer gets them [Image] Best way to contact me is via PM here or on aim: smolik75

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[FS] Lots of Diamond Supply, Supreme, Crooks (Cheap!)

Paypal only, no 4% bullshit and shipping is included in price (except for intl shipping, please notify me if you're outside of the USA). Won't ship first, and feel free to make an offer on anything. I'm pretty flexible. TRADES (will add cash): -Supreme shirts size L -Infra's size 10 or 10.5 -Supreme old skool's, black 10 or 10.5 -Jordan 4's or 3's, black 10 or 10.5 [Image] Items for sale not listed: I also have a VVVVVVVVNDS Canon Rebel Xti. It's been used less than 5 times, and comes with 2 lens', carrying case, charger, extra battery, cables, the whole 9 yards. PM me if interested, and I'll get pictures for you. I'm only taking offers over $450 for the camera. Best way to contact me is here via PM or posting in this thread, but my email is smolik75 @ yahoo . com and you can catch me on aim: smolik75 Thanks for looking.

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[FS] Gravis Lowdown HC sz. 10

DS, tried on once for 30 seconds and never worn again after that. Comes with original box and everything. Only trades for Supreme gear sz L, infra am90s size 10.5 (I will add cash obv). Paypal only and I won't even charge the 4%! yay! [Image] $45 shipped OBO contact me here via PM or aim: smolik75

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[FS] DS Supreme Mclaren, Billy Mann

[Image] Both are DS and never worn/tried on/washed. Both shirts are awesome, just not really my style. I prefer to trade these, but I'll take cash as well. Paypal only. Trades: 24th waistbag in khaki or black, any box tee, black or grey tyson, illegal business, youth tee, black raekwon. All size Large and I will add cash obv (unless you want both tees). Mclaren: $49 shipped Billy Mann: $57 shipped I'm open to offers so hit me up. Contact me here via PM or on aim: smolik75 holla.

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[WTB] Supreme 24th waistbag

I prefer it be in DS or VNDS and khaki, but black is welcome as well. Paypal is ready. Contact me here or on AIM: smolik75 Email: smolik75 @ yahoo . com k thx bye.

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[WTB] Supreme Stuff

Hello, I would like to buy your Supreme stuff. I'm willing to wheel and deal, so lay it on me. I would prefer that all of these be in DS or VNDS condition, but as long as there aren't any holes or massive stains, I'll take a look at them. Looking for: Youth are getting restless tee sz L - I prefer Black, but am open to other colors Box logo tees sz L - Any colors or variations (black/black or grey/red would be clutch) Hebrew Box tee sz L - White Tyson tee sz L - Grey or Black Vans old skool sz 10.5 or 10 (from last season, the ones that came out with the mountain editions) - Black 24th waistbag - I prefer the khaki color, but I'll take black as well. I have paypal ready for all of these so let me know if you got the goods. You can contact me here via pm, AIM: smolik75, email: smolik75 @ yahoo . com Holla.

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[FS] Black w)taps chukka vnds size 11 cheap!

Purchased from OG Sneakerhead from this site. I've never worn them, only tried them on when they got here and were too big for me. Not looking to make a killing off of these, just want them in the hands of people who will actually wear them since they're so awesome looking. No OG box, because it was never sent to me. Comes with the thin leather laces all of you love. Sorry for bad pics. I'll take trades for supreme gear in size Large or am1/am90 in size 10-10.5 [Image] H/O: $60 BIN: $75 shipped OBO

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Diamond, J. Crew, Lacoste, Polo, FCUK jeans, AA VERY CHEAP

Paypal only, unless you want to ship cash or MO at your own risk. Will take trades for supreme gear (large shirts or box logos in 1/8 or 1/4 only) Shipping is not included in the price. All prices negotiable, so hit me with offers. [Image] Tons of AA 2001's. Have a lot of colors and s-xl sizes. These retail for $15-$18 each. BIN: $9 each.If you buy 6 or more it'll $8 each and I'll even toss in free shipping within the United States. PM me on here or on AIM: smolik75

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[FS] Diamond Supply, Goblin/Mishka, American Apparel (very cheap and all brand new)!

All Shirts are 10/10, never worn, never washed. The only reason that single Diamond shirt and the Goblin shirts aren't bagged is because they were sent that way through online purchase (Digital Gravel and the Diamond online store). All Diamond shirts are out of the Mystery Box and that single Diamond one was the only one not bagged in the box (no idea why). All Prices include shipping and are negotiable. I accept paypal or trades only, won't send first etc. I'm looking for any Supreme shirts/box cap fitteds/5 panels, or these Diamond shirts in size Large and any colors: False Prophets, Diamond Life, Diamond x Crooks pt. 3, or MM tee. I'd be willing to trade + give cash for some of these. You can also offer anything else you have for trade. On to the stuff! [Image] Lots and Lots of American Apparel 2001's ([URL]). Colors include mint, red, ash, eggplant, pink, black, white, navy, aqua, teal, light blue, and asphalt in sizes S-XL with 2XL with basic colors. Each shirt is $10 shipped, but if you buy 6 or more they will be $8 each with a flat shipping rate of $6 for the whole package, no matter how many you buy. You can contact me via PM or AIM me at smolik75

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