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Shops in Shanghai???

ok, so I'll be going to Shanghai around mid june for the world expo, and hopefully of course some shopping, but then I don't have any idea of what shops there are in Shanghai, so can someone please give me a Shanghai shopping guide or something please? thanks!

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omg this shit seems so real -.-

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Girlfriend finally let me put it in the pooper!!


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Pick Ups: 2009 (Flame Person = Infraction)

[Quote] hey where can you get those blue vans with brownish shoelaces? I haven't seen any in my place.... Melbourne, Australia... are they only avaliable in Vans shops? and are there any good sites where I can dope some good kicks or those vans ^ ?

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Anyone from US go to canada after 18?

i reckon vancouver haha have fun!

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Computer Problem: Device Installer Error

ohh FAIL...

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Best female fits thread

don't wear anything FTW

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23 Macbooks, 14 Iphones, 9 Ipods GONE in 31 Seconds..

D O P E hmm gives me inspirations...

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Man Eats His Own Shit In Court

oh wow that's kind of disgusting XP

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Tips to getting a job?

1. Dress Well (looking clean at least) 2. Be Confident (Look him/hee in the eyes) good luck

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You know your a hypebeast when...

when you don't wash ur jeans lol.

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What do you order at Starbucks/Other Coffee Place?

lattes for the win blushing

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Official Australia Shopping Guide

APC jeans...? and some others Does anyone know where Melbourne has stocks of APC jeans, Bapes, Visvim, Kaws???

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HK People Check In!

hi.... HKer in Melbourne.... does this count? :D

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hah I love rollerblading everywhere I go, too young for a car atm, but then now dun have much time and sort of dropped it tongueface

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