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Dream Homes - Let's See Yours!

Huge architecture nerd here and I wanted to see some styles of homes you hypebeasts have been dreaming about. Love this one with its own elevator and rooftop deck mountain side [URL] so let's see what you like!

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$15,000 Used Car With ~300HP?

Get an older Audi S4

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Adidas x bape x neigboughood

Just Ebay

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Erection Problem

Pretty sure this is a spam post ya'll

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So this home has a backyard water park...

Tiki bar on its own island..oh ya I'd definitely get in drunken trouble if I owned this.. [URL]. [Image]

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Sweater looks good!

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You Can't Deny This Beat Is Good

Not worth the click :p

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I'm voting trump

Goooood luck with that :p

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$15,000 Used Car With ~300HP?

S2000 or E36 M3

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Wearable Tech

I saw this a while ago and it's a little out of my price range.... [URL] [Image]

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Post Your INSTAGRAM Usernames Here!

@LuxuryInBC https://instagram.com/luxuryinbc

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Where's The Best Place to Sell Old Luxury Jewelry Online?

Long story short, I have inherited some vintage Cartier jewelry pieces and need to sell some of them. However, these are very high-end pieces with very big price tags as far as I can tell. I've spoken with a few local jewelers but they all made offers that are way too low in my opinion, so I want to try selling online. I have searched around a bit and found a few good-looking options for consignment sales, ie [URL] for example. The problem is I have no experience here so I am curious to hear what has worked for other people. Ideally I want a place that won't take too big of a cut from the sale, but that also has enough exposure to buyers that I can sell these pieces quickly. Thoughts? Anybody tried Opulent Jewelers or The Real Real before? Any other places I should try?

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what age did you realize what you wanted to do with your life?

Still working on it. blushing

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Possible Spoilers]

I agree that the Star Wars trailer was way better & sort of stole the thunder from this movie. However, Ben Affleck is lookin' pretty jacked as Batman, so we'll see...

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Luxury Fashion Giveaways Thread

I've been entering a lot of fashion giveaways lately and figured if we made them into a thread, where people added new giveaways as they are found, we could all increase our chances of winning. Please share luxe giveaways only, and include the end date of the contest. I'll start with a few from this week - thanks! Win a $895 14k White Gold Diamond Halo Pendant from Bailey Banks & Biddle [End Date July 21/14] [URL]

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