New Basketball LifeStyle Brand – ”CAN’T GUARD ME”

really cool. doing it legal style. nice designs too.

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FYF Fest 2012

Whos going? Just got my tickets some really good artists all the way through the poster. Made a spotify playlist if you are into that.

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"Must format memory card" error message

Is the problem that it just won't upload to the computer or you cannot take any more pictures when its in the camera? Cards rarely have errors being read by the pc / mac. Especially the latter but you should be able to have it in a card read and pick up on the folders if you haven't formatted or deleted anything off it yet you shouldn't need photo recovery software.

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looking for quality slimfit khaki pants/jeans

I have some Levi ones and love them.

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New Clothing Line name opinions

This even still sounds too close to the show. A.B.Y.S.S. is right though who is your target consumer? If its at all men its a tough sell.

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Las Vegas Shops

there is some sick stores popping up with all the malls blowing up now for street wear here. If you guys come and its the first weekend of the month get your asses down to first friday. Its up close to freemont street hit the art galleries and then go to the griffin bar. griffin bar is dope even if its not first friday tho.

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Toro Y Moi Appreciation Thread

I think I enjoyed causers of this more than underneath the pine some of the new songs seem a little like ariel pink to me. but still a great album. loving the chillwave lately.

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Official Odd Future Wolf Gang Thread

that fallon preformance was unreal.

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What kinda backpack do you rock ?

got the black jansport as well and lovin it. wish the top wasnt as big as the bottom my laptop bounces around sometime back and forth but still cant complain looks awesome and feels good on my back. cruised through the airport with it like a breeze.

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movie suggestions?

I just recently saw Due Date and loved it. Also loved It's Kind of a Funny Story awesome soundtrack.

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*** Those skilled with Photoshop, Vector images, etc... help please ***

if someone traces it out in illustrator for you, you still will need to be able to use Illustrator enough to go in your self and change the colors. you might even be able to find a vector bike already you could use. try searching bmx bike vector or bmx bike eps free. I can't post links yet or I would.

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The Hundreds x Scott Caan

some of the pictures were pretty cool but I cant believe they did shirts off this.

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Who You Guys Excited To See This MAGIC

Like the title says what brands new stuff you guys excited to see from magic this time around?

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T-Shirt design

most popular typeface in the world.

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Good Straw Hat

Baileys Panama Hat huh. Sounds good. gotta be better than the cowboy hat linked.

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