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Tate + Yoko - Updates & Info

Hey all, I’m proud and damn excited to announce the opening of Tate + Yoko, a new menswear boutique in Montreal specializing in badass Japanese denim! My name is Alex, I manage the store and will be glad to answer any of your questions. Everything in Tate + Yoko is Made in Japan or Canada by companies that refuse mass production and instead focus on old-world quality. We are friendly Canadian denim nerds and have traveled to Japan and back many times to build relationships with the brands we love. Here are the brands that we have in store right now: The Flat Head Studio D’Artisan Momotaro Japan Blue Eternal Kamikaze Attack ONI D# Naked & Famous Denim Paulrose Products Viberg Boots If any of you folks are in the Montreal area please do come visit us at 9096 St-Laurent. We’ll have an opening party after the new year with lots of Japanese snacks, beer and maybe even a Japanese burlesque dancer! (more on that later…) Shop online at www.tateandyoko.com We will post store updates and fun product info on a daily basis so check back soon! Feel free to ask questions here or email us at info@tateandyoko.com Cheers! Alex

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