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hey guys looking for this nike acg gore tex or something very similar: [Image]

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Fuck casey anthony

she was found not guilty in the court of law, but its completely obvious she took part in her daughters death. what kind of parent who's been taking care of her child for 3 years prior without any problems would wait 31 fucking days to report her missing? she told everyone during that time period that the daughter was with the baby sitter, but it was proven that there was no baby sitter. the body was found a quarter mile from her parents house. there wasnt enough hard evidence, but her actions were evidence enough.

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those that keep doubting me having supporters, check my..

[Quote] dude you must be joking or something. how are you gonna compare yourself to eminem? listen to the people in this thread when they say you're bad. you're straight up fucking delusional and i can instantly tell that you're ignorant about hip hop just by watching one of your vids for more than 15 seconds. DO NOT REP CHICAGO and please stay in texas.

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The Grimiest Bitch You Fucked, or

[Quote] i didnt read anything you wrote, but please stop posting your garbage ass freestyles or whatever in the music section. thank you.

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i have some weird ass obsession with kreayshawn

she sounds like a fuckin pop star. wanna be hood barbie doll

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May 21, 2011 = Judgement day?

what time is this shit supposed to start? cuz its already 6:30am may 21st...

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err.. which one of these stories is better? vol. moops and froads


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WDYWT: 2011 (Chat Edition)

good for him, the mods here think theyre the shit. get off your high horses.

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What the fuck is this

edit: your audio quality sucks and your flow needs work. its sounds amateurish, but its not that bad just keep it up and youll probly have it down in a few years or so.

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[Official] Picture/Video/Gif thread

[Quote] well dont post your miscellaneous shit here cuz its not entertaining.

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Post Hypebeast Picture at There Prime. VOL SAC BEEFIN

[Quote] fake ass paris'

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Become an All Us / WTR Team Member

[Quote] there is absolutely no content in anything you ever have to say. every cot damn time i read one of your posts, i get bombarded with retardation...

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Chris Brown Takes Another Hit....See what I did there? ahhahahah....yeah u see it

[Quote] "number 1" on the charts dont mean shit, conglomerate hive-minded hoe.

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Succesfully Trolling the Pop Music Game (Rebecca Black)

*Not shopped* [Image]

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