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[FS] Vintage Supreme Tees Size L

Up for sale are 3 Supreme tees in size L from many years ago. Conditions : -PayPal + 4%  -Will trade for :  http://hypebeast.com/forums/apparel/220805 Fuct Jaws Tee (any color, size M or L) Fuct Smoking Dope And Fucking In The Streets Tee (any color, size M or L) 10Deep Raving Murk Tee (white, size M or L) Mass Appeal Magazine Backissues Other Info: -All items are located in Paris, France -I can ship with a tracking number but it'll cost you a little bit more than the listed prices below. Let me know and i'll go check at the post office. -All items are used  -PM for any additional questions or pictures Sugar Ray Leonard, yellow, perfect condition - 60$ shipped Malcolm X, light blue, show some slight signs of wear but overall great condition - 40$ shipped The Supremes, heather grey, print is a bit cracked (see close up pic) - SOLD Buy all 3 for 120$ shipped. [Image]

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[Wanted] MHI Maharishi sweatshirt, Situationormal Snrml t-shirt

Hi, I'm looking for this old MHI sweatshirt (in white or heather grey with the blue print, in M, L or XL) : [Image] Willing to pay good money for them !

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10$ tees : haze x stussy, ssur, size L/XL

Hey everyone. Selling a bunch of tees for 10$ each. Shipping is 10$ per tee, 15$ for both. It's a Paypal Only thread. I do NOT ship first. I'm NOT interested in trades. Haze x Stussy collaboration Tee, color : aqua, size : L. Perfect condition, 10/10. Worn only once. Never washed. [Image]

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[FS] Cheap Ssur, Undefeated, Vans, size M-L-XL, Dickies, Carhartt, size W31-W32-W33

Hey everyone, i'm cleaning the closet a little bit so here are a few items up for sale at very decent prices. Payment = Paypal Only Shipping is included in the prices. All the items are located in Paris, France. Mainly looking for cash. Trades : - Black Reigning Champ hoodie size M - Heather Grey Reigning Champ hoodie size M - Ransom Shirts size M - "Ramos", "Nuss", "Shaheen", "Dorian", Keep Shoes, mens size 10,5 or 11 - Gourmet Quattro C shoes, black/white, size 10,5 or 11 - Vintage Fucking Awesome tees, all sizes - Vintage aNYthing tees, all sizes - Vintage Clientele tees, all sizes - Vintage Supreme tees, all sizes All the items are 100% Authentic. Don't ask ! Any other question ? => Feel free to send me a pm or an email at [email]timmafrand@hotmail.com[/email] Ssur Tees : each one was worn twice or less and is in a 10/10 condition (except the 2 from left on the first row which is in a 8/10 condition) - first row : M - second row : L - third row : XL 30$ shipped for 1 50$ shipped for 2 100$ shipped for 5 [Image]

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RIP Dash Snow

You'll Be Missed smh July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Artist Dash Snow, who documented the downtown art scene of recent years, died in New York today. He was 27. [URL] [Image]

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Is the SLB Store on Fairfax still open ?

Is the SLB Store on Fairfax still open ? If not, can we still buy things on their website, and has anyone ever had problems with them with an online order ?

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Need your help to graduate ! Answer a few questions please !

Hey everyone, I'm a student in design management in Paris and currently working on a 40 pages piece about streetwear i need to write for June 8 if i want to graduate. I'd really need as many people on this forum as possible to answer a few questions. It will only take 5 minutes. Thanks for your help ! Here we go : 1. What are the 5 clothing brands you wear the most ? 2. What are the 5 clothing stores you shop the most at (online or not) ? 3. What kind of music do you listen to ? 4. How many movies do you see every month (at home or at the theater) ? 5. What are your 5 favourite magazines ? 6. What are your 5 favourite websites ? 7. What sports do you practice ? 8. How many times do you go to galleries or museums every month ? 9. What do you do for a living OR what do you study if still a student ? 10. Do you practice any art as a hobby or professionally (music, photo, painting, dancing, acting, etc...) ? 11. Any other interest in life ? 12. How old are you ? 13. Single or in a relationship ? 14. Male or Female ?

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Any cool new year's eve party in LA this year ?

I'm in California till the 2nd of january, and in LA for new year's eve. Do you have any cool new year's eve party to recommed or cool clubs ? I know nothing about this town, this will be my first time in LA.

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Is Off Bowery dead ?

No more online store, no more nyglob.com, no more [URL] (just the old opening page), no new tees for a while, no news from them for a while... Do you know what's going on ?

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HELP ! Need infos on an ALIFE tag !

Hey people, i just wanted to know if the tag below was the oldest Alife tag you could find on their clothes. [Image] Cuz i have a crew from the brand i (well, my parents, cuz i was like 13 or 14) bought on my first trip to NYC many years ago (and i didn't know shit about Alife back then) that has that tag. Is this crew from one of their first lines ? I've been trying to collect infos about the beginning of the brand on the Internet, but i can't find much... Were there other tags on Alife clothing before that one ? By the way, if you have pics of some of the first Alife clothes to ever hit the streets, please be kind enough to post them, i'm very curious. Thanks for your help guys.

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Did those two tees actually come out ?

I recently read an article on jason dill and fucking awesome. In the article, there were some pictures of fucking awesome tees, including this one : [URL] Did the two tees on the pic actually come out ? Cuz i've never seen anybody wear them, or list them on eBay or some forum. I've also never seen this pic anywhere else, and it doesn't show real tees but photoshop works. So i'm just curious...

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What brand is this ??

Jon Abrahams (on the left) is wearing a black t-shirt "Channel J". Do you know what brand it is ? [URL]

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Any news from Fucking Awesome ?

Does someone know what's going on with Jason Dill's Fucking Awesome ? It's been a long time since i've heard about it and the website doesn't exist anymore... Perhaps i missed an episode. Did they stop producing clothes ?

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Starcow Holiday Sale

[URL] i think it's gonna be like the previous sales: 25 eur a tee 40 eur 2 tees and 30-50% off on jeans , jackets, crews, hoodies, caps, sneakers... Startin satuday Jan 06 !! better get there early or expect to weep !

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