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Help me ID this movie!

Okay, so I've been trying to remember this movie that I saw a while ago on TV, most likely BET or FX or TBS or USA LOL It started out where a group of kids want to make some money and start selling marijuana at places like school and they move on to neighborhoods but the area is controlled by some other people, so they kill them all. Then the leader who dispatched the people the kids killed calls them up and basically recruits them to sell his new invention of "crack". The kids become bigger and bigger drug dealers and the movie goes foreward in time to when they're adults. There's 4 of the kids and one of them is a fat guy that almost gets hit by a car but one of the other friends saves him (during childhood) and he never forgets it. They all conspire to take down the big boss and the fat guy dies before they finish it. the main character has some problems with his wife because she wants him to stop selling drugs PLEASE HELP ME ID THIS MOVIE!

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Stussy, Stussy, everywhere!

Hey, I was just watching Heavyweights (old Disney movie) and I noticed several instances where Stussy was shown. There's a still in the link below (notice Shaun Weiss' shirt) and there's a scene when Josh (Shaun) comes back to camp and a Stussy signature designed beanie is on Keenan Thompson's character. [URL] So I got the idea, post movies, posters, magazines where you see Stussy. I think it's interesting to see [B]who's[/B] wearing it and [B]when[/B]. IMO, this should help the expansion of open-mindness to who wears a certain brand and how they wear it. Anyway, post on!

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LRG bite?

[URL] looks exactly like a dead serious hoody, except it comes in 2 colors, and without the LRG logos. Functions exactly the same and is more reasonably priced. located in New Zealand though X___X but, which came first.?

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Macdonalds X RMC?

I encountered this at MacDonalds in Hong Kong, the entire staff had this kind of denim on, anybody know the story? It's part of their uniform so you can't say they're all wearing fakes :lol: [Image] smh @ how I spelled McDonalds btw -___-

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bringing a skateboard abroad

okay, so I'm packing my bags as we type, and I'm just curious as to how I will be able to bring my skateboard in the airplane. I cna fit it in my checked luggage, but I don't want to bring a screwdriver so I just left everything on it. I'm 90% sure that I can't hand carry it because it's so big, even IF I have a skate bag. so yeah, thoughts? Knowlege?

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Pharrell Can't Skate!

well, we knew that already, but here's a video to prove it >smh [URL]

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anyone else notice how the new DVS' look just like AM's? Nice fruity colors though, I'd cop. *Pics later*

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The fuck are these?

[Image] like..silver untiffs? x___x

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Favorite Poets

who's your guys' favorite poet? I have an upcoming research paper on poets in World Literature and I want an interesting poet, so any suggestions? Any time frame btw

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Cutting to shorts

hey, I'm thinking about cutting my loose fitting jeans into shorts, anybody have any suggestions. These are pretty baggy, (from end to end layed flat, the ankle opening is about 9inches wide) and I just wanted to know if I should take them to a tailor or try it myself first. thanks, and I'll post pics when I'm done.

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35mm SLR Suggestions?

okay so, next year I'll be taking Studio Photography and I need to bring my own 35mm SLR camera. I just need suggestions now on what to look to cop so I can get enough dough by then. $250 is my max price at the moment but I'm open to any suggestions. I'll probably want a crapload of lenses too, so suggest me a set of them as well. thanks! =D

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Answer my survey for school

okay so for English, I need to survey a variety of different people of all ages and backgrounds, so I thought I'd ask you herbs to help. All you have to do: [B]Describe what you believe your social responsibiliy is to the disadvantaged.[/B] No longer than 1-2 paragraphs, but that shouldn't really be a problem. thanks for your help guys =D

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Split hoodies are the new full zip

I was talking to a dude in Zumiez today and he said A Lab is going to be making split hoodies to mix and match with. Bape also has split hoodies in OG camo design releasing soon as well. so get em before the hype!

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nut huggers

what are some good nut huggers? I know slim jim's and levis 511's are pretty skinny, but I need a good fit since I'm pretty short. 5' 4.5" son! LOL. I don't want total nut hugging, but basically a skinny fit with a small ankle opening. Low rise is okay too cause I'll probably sag em anyways. I remember seeing some Hurley's at Nordstrom Rack that were skinny fit with deep indigo but I slept on them =\ but yeh, nothing too expensive so just throw shit at me =D

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Interesting page


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