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New Night MTL Sneaks, Beats & Life

Yo Guys and gals what's up?? just a small plug for my boys Kid Kicks and Kelly Nunes a New Night at the Wunderbar in the W hotel "Just a heads up on things happening in Montreal. SBL makes it

2 Weeks ago in Canada

NEW 10 deep

HEY all new 10 deep deep hit Off the Hook in montreal last week New Crooks hit City Styles as well last week.. don't sleep get your crack before it's gone.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

new 10 in mtl

those of you who didn't know Off the Hook got new 10 deep in.. hurry i was there for a few min today and it was flying off the shelves..

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Crooks in MTL

Heard through the grape vine Crooks & Castles should be dropping Very soon in MTL. Just some tees for now with more stuff on the way.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Evisu in MTL

HEy just thought I'd let you guys know Obsession go their evisu order this week. None of that fake shit they sell at jazz. THe real deal. Break open those piggy banks..

2 Weeks ago in Canada


Just thought i'd let you guys know that the new Artful Dodger hit stores today saw it at City styles, and i heard 3 monkeys and BUZZ jeans and got it as well. I called my old boss and he said Obsession should get it tomorrow. new stuff is really nice. check it out

2 Weeks ago in Canada

The year of...

SO what's the first impression you guys and girls have of the year of? especially you denim heads..?? [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Foot Locker employees

Hey i know some or one of you works at FL can anyone hook me up on a good price for the Nash 90's?? let me know I'm a size 10

2 Weeks ago in Canada

the year of...???

can anyone give me any info on this brand ?? It's suposed to be a new High end denim similar to evisu or Rm but i can't find any info anywhere or any pics.. i allready asked on supertalk but no one responded.. i'd love to see pics as well, thanks in advance

2 Weeks ago in Brands

10 deep

Hey guys some 10 deep at off the hook in MTL they had a few new deck hoodies , some problem solved hoodies, bunch of tees and some caps.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

CLothing Companies please read..

Well I've decided to turn my loseing my job to a possible Buisness advancement I'm considering turning all those years of retail management to some good use and maybe start repping some of the great lines on this board that We can never find here in Canada or at least have a real hard time finding it.. so If any companies out there would like to Discuss a dist/rep position with me let me know and I'll send you my C.V and we'll sit down and talk. thanks for your time Kris

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Chat room..

I think i'd be cool if we had a chat room on this site.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Obsession... SUcks..

OK to all of you that was going to make Obsession a place to visit when you come to Montreal...DON'T the owner fired me today after 10 years of working for him.. FOr a crazy reason..I'm not going to go into it but Basically he's a money hungry bastard . I'll hook you guys up from where ever I get a new job though

2 Weeks ago in Canada


ANY MONTREAL HEADS or anyone else for that matter out there who wants to go to the nike launch of their fall /winter active line can let me know and i'll add you to the rsvp list let me know party is on tuesday night may 23rd.I'll send the adress to anyone whos interessted

2 Weeks ago in Canada


I heard from a reliable source that DQM is gonna rerelease the bacon or that they might drop another "bacon " colour way.. anyone else know anything about this?? love that shoe..

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