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I need help winning a contest!

Hey guys i just entered my dog in a contest. He needs your votes! His name is Yoji. The prize is him featured on a 2013 calender and a $500 shopping spree. Please vote for him when you have the chance! Thanks! [Image] edit: oopsies! http://petvalu.com/castingcall?url=http://castingcall.petvalu.com/yoji/

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Summertime Music

It's that time of the year again!! A time where you could just lay back and have a cold one on a hot day. Share some of your summer songs. It could be any genre new and or old!

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Puppy Question

For those who just got a puppy or had a dog for a while now, i was wondering whats the best way to stop them from crying when you are off to work and what not.

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Video Game Pickups Update


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Lets try to bring back pogs

Hey everybody, just here to plug my channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/traaCk204?feature=mhee I just started collecting video games, and things associated with video games, comic books, and wrestling action figures. Most of my videos have been about just whatever i guess. But now im aiming more towards the collecting of games. Would be cool if you guys could check out my videos! Subscribe if you wish and i will return the favor! Also please leave a comment on my video! Follow me on twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/_JermboSlice

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whats your imessenger account? add me! hipnoticdesigns_@hotmail.com

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LRG X Ironlak Limited Spray Can


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Help me take a tv.

so my friend gets this sony bravia tv outta nowhere. really huge tv. now i can't just take it from him. so theres has to be a way. what i was thinking was that maybe i could break the television in a way that it's easily fixable. so that way he'll think that it's broken for good and he'll just throw it out yadadadamean?!|0

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Started a youtube channel

[URL] i need ideas. i need my fifteen minutes of fame. any suggestions on what kind of videos i should make? would you guys sub please? blushing

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Troll Time!

[URL] pw - 123456 smokeyface

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New internet meme


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Songs with wrestling refrences

im in the wrestling mood right now. post some songs with some good ol' wrestling refrences Joe Budden - Family Reunion Oh the cig in the car, you diss en moi Take the ratchet go home and just Chris Benoit

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My first car

[Image] i got it for 3700, whadda ya'll think about it?

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just a quick question. for those who have those iphone cases by lrg. will a iphone4 fit in there nicely? i already did my googling.

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THE HUNDREDS Lil B ThankYouBasedGod

seems like they're out of size small - medium. yeah i know im late on this. anyone know where else online i can get one? smh

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