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What are the little things in life that you appreciate?

for me its gotta be.. - latte in the morning - smell of new clothes especially denim - sleeping in when its fuck cold outside - pizza or kebab after a long drunken night theres plenty more but yeah...whats yours??

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found it... mods delete pls

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[WTB] - Award Tour & Triumvir Crews

if you got any in S/M pm me please thanks nig[B]g[/B]ers

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[URL] anybody read the book Bringing Down the House or heard the real story of students taking millions from vegas. im really looking forward to this....heist movies like Italian Job, Oceans series i liked alot. discuss...what do you reckon??

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Noob question...

How do i open up example.rar files?? or cos im confused how do i make use of these file types?? like i downloaded music which are in example.rar type....how do i use them?? thanks in advance

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[WTB] - Triumvir Crewnecks (Small/Medium, Any Colour)

Looking for any crewnecks from triumvir from last season on the current.... pm me if you have one to sell...

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New theme for next months Photography Competition?

anyway...i keep asking whats our next theme and no-one gets back haha. - well does anybody have any ideas they want to pitch?? people were talking b&w earlier - maybe a set of rules as to how far they can interpret the theme cos i saw some people debate on whos pic best incorporated the theme just whatever...discuss. we got 2.5 days left to come up with a theme

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So i recently went to a wedding and the couples first dance song was my own summer - the deftones...they also wanted this for their funeral song. here it is [URL] to me its a weird song for that sort of occasion...so i ask you what song would you want for your dance on your wedding day and on your funeral day??

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shoutbox moderators

[B][FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Red"]*sydneysneaker:...how do you write like this in the shoutbox?? i need to know because my life depends on it*[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

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F1 Season 2008

F1 anybody?? i like the new ECU system. makes things an even playing field now that it depends alot now on driver ability instead of who has the most money eg. ferrari and mclaren. i reckon its going to be a tight season again this year. plenty of challengers for the championship especially with the williams team showing great speed. i going for kubica to be overall winner this year. hes a really good driver and doesnt have the added pressure on hime to deliver unlike the more known drivers. also want my fellow countryman to show his presence. mark webber is good driver as well. just needs a bit more reliability in the car. its shown it can finish in the malaysian gp so we need more than that so her can get his first win. oh anf fuck bernie ecclestone for saying he will take the australian gp away if we dont go to a night race.

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[WTB] - Vans Syndicates (8/8.5) / Bullerproofs (8/8.5)

if you got em...pm me preferably black or grey...but if any colour i good too

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Help anybody??

anyone know how to put borders and a watermark like this.... [URL] thanks in advance

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can anybody help me out??

posted this in the sneaker forums but didnt get a look... [URL]

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Bulgarian Idol winner


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can anybody throw up some good wallets?? i want to buy a new wallet so can i get some suggestions?? with pics if possilbe

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