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[WeSC] 2008 Discussion Thread

hey I've never heard of WeSC up until a couple weeks ago and my bud told me that they have the best denim. I've owned everything from streetwear denim such as the hundreds to levis to theory to APC. is WeSC as good as he says it is? whats a really nice type of WeSC denim that has a nice slim fit and of extremely good quality?

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Official Fitness, Nutrition and Supplement Discussion Thread

hey i dunno if this is a general question or a really specific one. but right now i finished off my football season playing TE and next year i need to move to WR. therefore i gotta shed some pounds while still keeping the muscle and also still gain lean muscle (did that sound weird?). ive starting ding training regiments of weight lifting + cardio maybe 5 days a week and taking about 80 grams of whey protein daily (even when im not working out). how long would it take for me to start seeing some decent results? thanks in advance btw im 5'11 175 lbs.

2 Weeks ago in Fitness

America's Best Dance Crew

dayum! quest is pretty sick

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