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Wiz Khalifa appreciation thread

just saw the roll up video. pretty sick. jake davis directed it

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Pokemon Black & White Official Discussion Thread

out for nintendo DS 3D? (when it releases)?

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Whats your fav shoes

the new questlove dunks

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Official Store/Website Update Thread

SketchyWhiteVan.com (Only NY, Dee & Ricky, JGOODS, Sneaker Freaker, Rockwell, Cross Colours, DON NY, Caked Out, GoodWood, etc.)

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sneaker frames (pretty freaking sweet!!!)

Hey guys, This is SketchyWhiteVan.com we appreciate the feedback. Let us straighen some stuff out. The frames arn't meant for $100 shoes, they I meant for quality shoes that are $250-300 and up shoes that you can put on display when you arn't wearing them. They are excellent quality and worth the money, their is a reason why they are 'pricey'. We don't plan to sell anything that has a terrible quality. We are working to lower the price however. This you can tell by how much they have dropped in price in the last couple of days. But anyways we sell [B][U]MUCH[/U][/B] more than these "Sneaker Frames" at our site. Our prices are priced compared to other top webstores and in most cases even cheaper. So, check out the site! Use this code to take 10% off your order through November 1st: BackToSchool

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