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Who are some new dudes i should check out?

I just want some new new shit to bump.....anything and everything. recently ive been bumping LG, Nacho Picasso, David Dallas, Frankenstein, Morri$, Iggy Azalea, fat kids brotha, Sirah, Zah Marley....what else should i check for?

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Cleveland rap?

What are some dope dudes doing it in Cleveland other than Cudi, Chip, MGK , etc...? i always like Cleveland rap for some reason...who are the dudes i should look for? or what are the cleveland blogs?

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new Frankenstein

not sure if its new, but i think its new to the internet...also has a link to some other shit he did. i fucks with this dude. southernhospitality.co.uk/blog/?p=17425 ( cant post links yet )

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Who are the NEW NEW artists i need to check for?!

I need that NEW NEW.....from rap to indie rock recently ive been f'ing with Frankenstein ASAP Rocky Action Bronson Gotye foster the people spaceghost schoolboy q who else should i be playin?

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