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Looking for undiscovered hip-hop artists in NYC

What's up Hypebeast, been a minute since i've posted on here. I'm looking to break into the hip hop music video production scene, and I'm willing to shoot a free music video for an undiscovered rapper in the NYC area. I have a lot of ideas for marketing and also have years of video production skill. Please post any rappers you know of, or know personally. Thanks.

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FS: Supreme x Nike Camo Air Force 1 - SIZE 8

-$400 shipped OBO -Comes with purple sticker -Size 8 -Please message me.  Thanks. [Image]

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I will make you a free music video if you live in/near NY -- details inside

What's up hypebeast, I'll try to keep this short and sweet.  I'm graduating college this weekend, looking for video related work, but I need to expand my portfolio.  I've been shooting/editing videos for 7+ years, but almost all of my videos are of skiing and snowboarding.  I have some random lifestyle ones as well, and an educational documentary. Since I love music, I would love to try making a music video.  But since I have no experience with that type of video, I'm willing to do it free of charge.  I'll drive anywhere in NY state, or anywhere fairly close, for free.  No gas money or anything required.  Why?  Because I can't guarantee a perfect video.  This will be experience for me and for you. I should be shooting with a Canon t4i by the time this goes into action, and I edit with Adobe Premiere Pro. If you'd be interested in this opportunity, please send your song you'd like to have made into a video to: bsweet@mail.niagara.edu In the subject line, please put: Music Video I will be choosing a person who I think has the chance to become something big, but since I can't guarantee I'll get a lot of people e-mailing me, you should test your chances anyway. Final thing: please don't post songs here, or in my hypbeast inbox.  I actually rarely log into hypebeast, but I always check my e-mail. Thanks, Ben

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Can a tailor fix button up shirt length?

Long story short I bought a few button up shirts I really like, and I already washed them. They fit everywhere except the length. They're just too long, by a few inches even. Can a tailor fix this, or can they only work around the sleeves, neck, etc? Thanks for the input. Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I havent gone to a tailor since my mom brought me when I was about 10.

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Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1300 "Salmon Sole"

Who's trying to get them tomorrow? I guess they're gonna sell out fast? Idk, i've never made an order from Kith. I'll be trying to get them because they look good, unless I could probably sell them if I don't like 'em.

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FS: Nike Foamposite ”Bright Crimson” Size 11 – NEW & CHEAP

Price: $264.00 Shipping: $15.00 Buyer adds the 4% paypal. Trust me I'm legit. 100% legit ebay feedback and good transactions on here too.

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Companies that make slim corduroys?

Looking for companies that make slim but not super skinny corduroys... I always stayed loyal to Levis but for some reason they don't have any colors out that I like right now... and I need pants. So far i've come up with Gap and American Apparel, and american apparel looks too skinny. i know companies like Krew are also too skinny. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Question on limited House of Hoops sneaker releases

What's up HB I'm fairly new to limited sneaker buying, but I find interest in a lot of sneakers. I'm not a sneakerhead, but that's neither here nor there. So normally for a limited sneaker release that I want, I sit online and wait for the shoes to drop and then i buy them real quick, wait for the slow shipping, etc. etc. I just found that there is a House Of Hoops a half hour away from my school and I was thinking I might try purchasing that way. I've never bought a limited sneaker in person so I don't really know what to expect though. I'm looking at the Lebron X "Gold Medal" but I need to get a pair for myself and a friend who's offering a proxy. I have some questions, sorry if they're dumb: -Do they open the doors at the same time as online drops (FootLocker, NDC, Eastbay, etc.)? -Would they let me buy multiple pairs? -How long would the wait be for a shoe of this type? I'm not really trying to wait overnight, or even hours for that matter. -Is it possible to wait and then not get a pair, or is that rare? -Do people normally camp for these shoes, and then there are still pairs left later in the day anyway? Any insight would be awesome. Thanks.

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FS: SUPREME SUPREME SUPREME. BOX LOGO TEE, Medium & Large tees, & more

Hello Hypebeast. Rules: -No trades. Not interested unless it's a Diamond Supply Co Brilliant Coaches Jacket in size medium. -Payment via paypal +4% -SHIPPING ON TEES OR TOWEL: $3 -SHIPPING ON HAT: $6 -SHIPPING ON SHOES: $9 I think my prices are fair so I will say this. I'm not really open to offers. Everything is authentic. I have great feedback on eBay. Let's go: Supreme Flag towel. Sweat towel sized. Brand new in wrapper. $45 [Image] -- Thanks for looking.

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WTB: ONLY NY size medium stuff

Looking for tees, crewnecks, jackets that anyone has from the company ONLY NY Size medium Thanks

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FS: Air Jordan Golden Moments Pack size 10. Cheapest you’ll find them

Looking for $469 shipped through paypal I'm an ebay trusted seller alongside many pleasant transactions on Newschoolers.com as well Stock pic: [Image]

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USPS Shoe Box

Hello Hypebeast I just placed an order on USPS for 25 "shoe boxes" for free. The bottom right box on this page: http://ebaysupplies.usps.com/usps I just had a quick question. How much does the typical pair of shoes (with the brand shoe box included) cost to ship within the U.S. with one of these USPS boxes? Thanks

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WTB: Diamond Supply "Brilliant" Coaches Jacket

Size medium PM Me Thanks!

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Help me find coaches jackets please!!!

What's up hypbeast With fall rolling around, I'm looking for a nice new coaches jacket to put over my hoodies. I have a few requirements though -- 1. No black 2. Has to come in size medium 3. Less than 80 bucks If anyone can cruise the web or knows any good brands that would be awesome... I found this jacket on ebay and fell in love with the color but the only place i can find it is right there, in size large... http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-NIKE-SB-P-ROD-Paul-Rodriguez-COACHES-JACKET-MEN-S-SIZE-L-Skateboarding-/120933340798?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item1c2830567e Open to all suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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WTT: Supreme Japan Box Logo tee for Regular box logo tee

What's good Hypebeast. Looking to trade my Supreme Japan box logo tee for a regular box logo. Mine is size medium and good condish. Only worn about 5 times. Let me know. thanks!

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