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Do You Lil Dudes Buss Ya Gun?

Do sny of you nerds own a gun? if so, what type/types and how many? And have you ever had to use it? I'm sure the answer to the last question is no cuz most of yall wouldn't throw rice at a Chinese wedding lol Post pics too

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I HATE Cynical Sarcastic Ass People!

but gotta admit this [URL] is funny. Anybody else read this social skills blog? Like some people say sometimes it's too cynical for me, but the shits always interesting lol [Image]

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Yellow Boyz Asian Hip Hop Group

What do you think? [URL]

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I DARE You to Find A Chick More Perfect!

Yo, who is this? I need her in my life. I bet you can't find a regular girl who is this on point. [Image]

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4th Grader Slangin Coke! Get that money

[URL]] smokeyface ^^ Lil ♥♥♥♥♥s is hustlin. Fuck those kids for bein to weak to handle his coke and then snitchin.

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Asians and Hip Hop

Yo, I was just out in Cali, and I noticed most Asians, especially Flips, got mad knowledge of hip hop, and into more than just radio shit. So, why hasn't there been some strong Asian representation in Hip Hop aside from DJ in?

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Leather Jacket for Skinny Dudes

All these leathers is made for fatass dudes. Shit swims on me. Where can I cop a leather jacket that fits on a thin niggga like myself? Even them Uniqlo joints look too wide.

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You Prefer ya girl to SWALLOW or get a FACIAL?

For me, it depends on the mood I'm in. BUT, 9 times outta 10 I want her to swallow. Am I the only one?

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You Ever "Shut Sh*t Down At the Mall?"

What's the most amount of numbers you got at the mall in one day? Me and my nigas used to compete to see who could get the most numbers back in HS.

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Who IS THIS GIRL?!! DOPEST Style ever!

[Image] Seriously, SOMEONE find out who she is NOW! Swag on a hundred thousand trillion!

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Rihanna NUDES!


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Cholas Son!!!!(Hot Mexican Chicks)NSFW

[Image] Help me find some good pictures of them, and lets get this crackin. I'm so turned on by them, but we don't really get them up here in NY. You Cali dudes are lucky. I need to make a trip there and start bangin them out. [URL]

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Stoner Chicks

I'm attracted to them, but I can't figure out why. Am I the only one? [Image]

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Advice for Black Man datin Asian chick?

Yo, there's this Japanese shorty around my way who I'm tryin to get at. Usually, I just hit and dip. But, there's somethin about shorty that makes me wanna wife her. We been chillin for a minute but shes mad shy. Any advice? And do I gotta meet her fam in order to make it happen?

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