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[FS] Supreme FBI Hoodie. Supreme Quilted Jacket. Undefeated Radio Raheem Tee - M/L

paypal only. usps priority. Supreme FBI Hoodie. Red/White. One of the illest Supreme hoodies. Great Condition. Large - $25 shipped obo [Image] '99 Goldenrods. Nylon tongue goodness. ill winter stee sz. 9 - SOLD Get at me. Will negotiate prices, just be reasonable. I won't waste your time, don't waste mine.

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Fake Visvims? Any help on how to distinguish?

[B]So i was browsing ebay and came across this seller who is obviously selling a bunch of fake shit because of the ridiculously low prices. i.e. mastermind tees for $30, basecontrol x fragment tees for $19.99 so obviously i would never consider purchasing anything from him, but for future reference, how can you spot fake visvims? these are the visvim x undftd fbt's he is selling for $170, which i would assume are fake. here are pics of them, can someone help me with distinguishing fake visvims from real ones?[/B] [Image]

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Any High School Seniors? What schools are you applying to?

As for myself: Early Decision - NYU applying to UCF and UF in terms of state schools and Univ. of Miami, although for UM tuition the school itself is ehh. (florida schools=tongueface [I]maybe[/I] with the exception of UF and UM) in terms of other out of state schools, im applying to Univ. of Chicago, Vassar, Reed, and Northwestern. what about you guys?

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