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[WTB] Nike SB, Jordans sz 10-11.5

Im lookinq for any jordans & nike sbs from sz 10-11.5 . Doesnt have to be DS Im really lookinq for some 9s,4s, or 5s but anythinq is good. Im lookinq for any SBs. Im willinq to Trade my Silver Skytop Supras sz 11 & 2 pair of Keeps . NDS Or any of these im willinq to trade. PM or Aim me for Pics. AIM- KayyFlyy [B]Supreme Blue Plaid Crewneck [/B] [B]Supreme Fight Back Tee [/B] [B]Kid Robot Polo [/B] [B]Supreme Oh Shit Tee [/B] [B]Supreme Blockbuster Tee [/B]

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers