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[WTB] Nike SB, Jordans sz 10-11.5

Im lookinq for any jordans & nike sbs from sz 10-11.5 . Doesnt have to be DS Im really lookinq for some 9s,4s, or 5s but anythinq is good. Im lookinq for any SBs. Im willinq to Trade my Silver Skytop Supras sz 11 & 2 pair of Keeps . NDS Or any of these im willinq to trade. PM or Aim me for Pics. AIM- KayyFlyy [B]Supreme Blue Plaid Crewneck [/B] [B]Supreme Fight Back Tee [/B] [B]Kid Robot Polo [/B] [B]Supreme Oh Shit Tee [/B] [B]Supreme Blockbuster Tee [/B]

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[FS] BNWT L Supreme Raisin Hell Wht

bumppp good luck wish he was in the nyc area or nj or ct lol

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NYC Stand Up

cccllaat Crooklyn was craccin.

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Blog Says Sneakers Culture Losing Speed

i read it & it is true a lil. but there are still plenty of ppl wit over 70 sneakers and are still buyin dem so it is also false a lil

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Blog Says Sneakers Culture Losing Speed

dats not true. dont make an account juss to post sumtin juss 2 advertise ur blog my G

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Creative Reaction

dese r so old and in nyc all dha ppl dat wear dem are a whole bunch of shottas wearin dem so i hate dem

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what the hell is wrong with people

lmfao. a few ppl i kno had 2 fight at that same walmart lmao. I think goin dat hard 4 sales is pathetic. Especially at Walmart. Walmart is already cheap so calm down. And 4 dha dude dat died i wuld of been pissed. I'd rather die by gettin shot or in a fight with the ppl den gettin stampeded.

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Post Hypebeast Picture at There Prime. VOL SAC BEEFIN

lmfao Hmm maybe i shuld become more like the ppl in dese picz. Ill probly be dha freshest person in a 1 yard vicinity

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