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Is "http://shoesonline.simple-helix.net/" legit?

I ran across this site [URL] and they have lots of dope shoes but for way less than retail but still not replica-level price. Anyone have experience with this site? Do you think these are authentics? Factory seconds?

2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks

Offical Coupon Code Thread

Revolve clothing has a 30% off first customer discount applied to your whole order, even sale items. There isn't a coupon code for this, just e-mail them your order number after your purchase and they will credit 30% to your card. Got so much dope shit for the low yesterday.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

[Diamond Supply Co.] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

Do you guys think the Arabic crews will be sold out quickly (as in a few days). Im deciding if I should cop immediately or wait for black friday

2 Weeks ago in Brands

No Shave November Vol. White people unite

beard getting itchy as fuck probably gonna shave it

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Beats Beats BEATS!!!!

Roc Marciano- thugs prayer

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

HALO 4 Official Discussion Thread

this game isnt that great, I miss simplistic old halo

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Dope pullover hoodies

Probably just go with diamond supply, crooks, and supreme collabs/limited release (replicas of course unless you got the cash)

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Official Watch Discussion Thread

^ TF is that?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

i'm addicted to CAMO

the mcnairy animal print pants and shirt are pretty dope.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Official Varsity Jackets Thread

varsities with logos and numbers are lame as fuck. They should be clean and simple.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

Anyone know how to fix the awkward bulge in the butt area? Will it get better if I wash them? Should i get it tailored?

2 Weeks ago in Denim

The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

im going to buy my first pair of raw denims. Im going with NF but dont know what size or fit to choose. I don't want something super skinny or baggy, just very well fitting. Im asking because I saw some NF jeans on karmaloop and the fits look like ASS. I'm 6'3'' and 175 with a true waist of 32. if someone can help me out I would appreciate it.

2 Weeks ago in Denim

The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

First time buying N&F denim. I'm 6'3'', 180 lbs, should I get the weird guy or slim guy? I don't like jeans that fit too skinny, I like a clean cut look

2 Weeks ago in Denim