Adid Consortium pack

Hi all, I saw the new adidas consortium pack recently and like the honeybee a lot. However, all i found is just brown in color. I remember seeing somewhere that they are in black. Anybody can confirm that?? and if the black do comes out, anybody know when? Thanks.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Los Angeles

What's up, guys? I'm going to LA next Tuesday and would definitely hit the fairfax Ave. for some cool shops. Knowing that traffic is terrible and parking is hard to find, what time and which day would you guys suggest? Anybody been to Supreme recently? Do they have anything left at all? Reali wanna get the red bronx bull tee and the backpack. Not too optimistic though. Other than supreme, FCLA, Undefeated, what other stores are in that area? Thanks guys!!!

2 Weeks ago in United States