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The feeling you get when you…

STEAL A NIGGA'S GIRL. but, foreal, b, the feeling you get when you win the pot in dice > Whats some of the best feelings you've felt? [Image]

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We got any *OG DICE MEMBERS* out there? I'm tryna get a team started, if you a scrub, you'll get the hands, B. [Image]

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These are my confesssiooonsss.

[Embed content] Idk if that video boutta work dawg, but, confess some shit on the internet. its all good B.

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HS Basketball.

Any HS Basketball players out there?

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Battle Of Wits.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGmj1MmwbEg *dead*

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Top 10 Favorite Movies.

10. Monsters Inc. 9. Rocky IV. 8. Dog Day Afternoon. 7. Up. 6. Dirty Harry. 5. Shawshank Redemption. 4. Finding Nemo. 3. Pulp Fuction. 2. ScarFace. 1. Toy Story. I fucks with Pixar. whats some of your guys favorites?

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Child Murderers Vol. This Shit Cray.

Yo, that Luka Magnotta guy got me doin' some research & I stumbled upon this. Check it out. It's pretty interesting. http://listverse.com/2011/05/14/top-10-young-killers/

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Crazy Dreams Nigga. Vol. Discuss That Shit.

I had this crazy dream where this nigga was my driver & he drove me to a landfill. & in this landfill, pigs were slaughtering themselves. Son, this shit had me goin crazy. There's this other one with a bunch of sand niggers taking over cleveland & I had to bomb these niggas with they own weapons. I could go on, crazzyyy. discuss that shit.

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Taking A Shit. Vol. Battle Scars.

Nigga, my toilets all types of fucked up. discuss. [Image]

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Post that shit son.

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