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Post Music Mixes Thread

post mixes you like - any genre Major Lazer always gets my hype [URL]

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Miget with the Middle Finger gif

anyone have that gif with the midget sticking up the middle finger when he's visiting the guy in jail? thanks!

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Love Hip Hop Rap songs

[URL] any other songs that fit this description

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Fits with a jean jacket

]post proper fits with a jean jacket/denim shirts, i'm actually looking to buy one but i have no idea how to pull it off or what to wear with it. [Image]

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Hip Hop heads, help me here

Can you recommend any songs that deal with greed, money, the effects of money etc?

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Good Fun hood rap music thread.

So now I find my self listening to this type of music more often now, I know everyone listens to this kind of music too, so post! hoodrat n!gga type of music which would actually sound good and is catchy. "Wasted" [URL]

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anyone read naruto? discuss pls

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Need a seasons greetings image

Does anyone have the "Seasons greetings" image, with like white apes on it and some are eating each other? like some bigfoot thing. thanks happy holidays

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Winter Jackets

Its that time of year again and I don't know a good brand for winter jackets. Any suggestions? If anything I think I'm going to buy a Carhartt jacket again.

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will it blend - nike

[URL] my bad if its old, but I just saw this and im like wtf

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Sunday July 29.07, as part of the Global Hip Hop Festival happening @ The Harbourfront Center, Sick Sound Syndrome Presents The First ANNUAL BEATBOX THROWDOWN! Featuring Torontos Best Vocal Percussionists, The T.O. All-stars: [B]POIZUNUS[/B] (T.O. Beatbox Embassador), [B]SPITTZ[/B] (Big Norm Beatbox Champ '06), TWIN WARRIORS ([B]SCRATCHCAT & NINJA-Dynamic duo[/B]), [B]SCOTTBOXX [/B](Crazy Beatbox styles, reppin' BBE), just added, [B]THE HUMAN RECORD [/B](The original 1/2 human, 1/2 vinyl, 100% dope) & of course ur friendly neighbourhood mic murkers S3 ([B]SICK.SOUND.SYNDROME[/B]), This all goes down on the TORONTO STAR STAGE, from [B][SIZE="3"]4pm-5pm[/SIZE][/B]. It ends just in time for you to make it over to The Roots concert!!!. THIS IS A FREE EVENT! CLICK FOR EFLYER!!! [URL]

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anyone beatbox?

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Vertical Leap

Hey i just wanted to no some excercises on improving jump other than buying the MVP (maximum vertical leap), or air alert shiz. any exercisices in particular? im really into basketball so id be a help jumping higher than others edit: wht r some good shoes for helping jump or landing while playing ball

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Fake Bape Stores in vaughn millz, stc

i went to vaughn millz and theres this store , JAZZ where they sell like fake bape sweaters and shoes any1 no what im talkin bout?

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