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[Legit Check] Supreme Beanie


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Legit Check: Supreme x TNF jacket

Do you guys think that this jacket is legit? It looks fake to me but I just wanted to make sure it is/isn't. http://www.myimg.de/?img=image0f1ed.jpg http://www.myimg.de/?img=image6e0a6.jpg http://www.myimg.de/?img=image90460.jpg http://www.myimg.de/?img=image2f9ef.jpg

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[LEGIT CHECK] Supreme Box Logo Hoodie RED

Hey guys, so this guy is offering me a red box logo hoodie for a bargain price of 120$ shipped so I just wanted to make sure that the hoodie is legit and not a fake. For me, at least, it looks legit. What do you think?  [Image]

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[WTB] FA Hoodie (Sz M)

I'd go as far as 120$ shipped. I am mainly looking for the 'Thinking  of You' and the FA Logo Hoodie. As I do not live in the States it's hard for me to get my hands on one of those and you can barely find FA on eBay. I live in Germany and I -really- want a FA Hoodie. There is a store in Berlin that used to sell some FA shirts, I could cop a used 'Woody Allen' shirt for 15 bucks! I might not check replies, so you can contact me if you want: chaingang_soldier1993@hotmail.de (Yeah, I know... but I was 12 at that time, goddammit lol)

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Supreme CDG Hoodie: legit or fake?

[URL] What do you guys think?

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