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Askin for opinion on These Airmaxes

How do u guys like em? i dont see anything on the forum about em. iiunno if its just me but i think they looks pretty fuego Nike Air Max 90 Premium Asia Exclusive [URL]

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Nike Airmax 90's Green question

1. does this site look legit. i cant find em on any other site. wat are they called. [URL]

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100 percent legit/authentic. Fresh never worn. i.m me on aim - ozzygotrobbed or email me [email]ozzygotrobbed@hotmail.com[/email] for pics ^^

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Where can I find these airmax 90's?


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Seeking sneakerhead suggestions

im looking for some good airmax 1's or 90's.im not familiar with that many ill lookin ones. i dont got that much money so im lookin for some in the hundred dollar range. wats your feed on the ones posted below. any other suggestions? *these arent the sites im gonna order from, just shoe image references for you. Air Max 1 (Black-Varsity/Red-Metallic/Silver) [URL]

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Nike AIRMAX INFRARED question?

I know im probably gonna get flamed hard body for this and told that this is impossible but is there ANY WAY POSSIBLE that this can be true on this site... [URL] Exuse me for being mad gullable but worth a post.

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