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I Found A G-shock Watch In My House

[Quote] yeah pretty much

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[A.L.I.E.N] - 2008 Discussion Thread

[Quote] I checked their online mag and it has a shop section to stores you can purchase like fresh said above [URL]

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[A.L.I.E.N] - 2008 Discussion Thread

[Quote] yeah I check their online magazine, it's pretty ill.

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Favorite Artist/Photographer?

Quan Luv From A.L.I.E.N has some very nice pieces [URL]

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'*' Hot Japanese Streetwear Brands.. What Are Your Favs?

Swagger blushing

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[A.L.I.E.N] - 2008 Discussion Thread

[Image] this skully is very ill this line is bringing something new, I'll check for them. thanks.

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[Enyce Fall 08 Collection ??.] - 2008 Discussion Thread

people fail to see these brands we call " un wearable" are actually making hundreds of million dollars a year. South pole made 200 mill last year thats from marketing their brand in the right locations.

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[Ludwig] - 2008 Discussion Thread

alot of clean cut pieces in the collection.

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Wale - The Artistic Integrity (video)

video is ill...rik did a nice job.

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Nike SB 2008

backpack is cool only if you don't try to match with it too much. trying to bring out the colors more with dark colors will be great.

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