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how to make money without a job..

gotta come up with 600 at the end of dec, 600 at the end of january, 600 in april and 650 in auguest for a dui that i got for driving while i was high..i go to collage have no time for a job, and i have no idea what to do.

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why does it all have to happen to me.

within the last two months got pulled over, arrested, a dui, caught with marijuana and paraphernalia, license suspended roughly 3000 in fines from it, went to jail for a day, and now today cought driving with a suspended license from a broken tail light which im also getting in trouble for.. no way to school now. cant get a job. my minds never been so blank. -_-

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who can make some beats for..

me and my friends, were looking for some old simple type stuff kinda horror sounding, like old three six, if anyones can help let me know

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