Samurai s710xx (33W, hemmed to 32L, lot 11)

Purchased these almost 2 years ago. Only worn for roughly 3-4 months, washed about twice I'd say (as you can tell from the pics, only some minimal fades). They've just been sitting in my closet since as I've been beating up my other jeans. Basically, the fit wasn't to my liking, so my loss is your gain. They were professionally chainstitch-hemmed to a length of roughly 32 (from around 36) for my short Asian-ness. Available for pickup in San Diego, otherwise I'll accept Paypal to ship em out. I have over 30+ references on ISS, over 30 on eBay, and have sold a few items on here, so offer with confidence. Price:[b]PRICE LOWERED[/b] Pick-Up = $150 Paypal = $160 [B](prices ARE negotiable, but I'm not looking for trades)[/B] If you need better quality pics, hit me up, but you should know what you're getting if you're in the market for these. [Image]

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DS Supreme Green Bruins, sz 9

Never been worn, never even tried on. Bought em at Supreme LA last year. Comes with hangtag and everything that a DS shoe would. Available for pick-up in San Diego, but can be shipped if using Paypal. I have over 30+ references on ISS, over 30 on eBay, and have sold a few items on here, so offer with confidence. Price: Pick-up = $110 Paypal = $120 [Image]

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[FS] Supreme Box Logo Hoody (Grey), B Son Mock Pullover (Black) - both size M

You should know the deal with these. Pure heat. I have feedback on ISS and eBay, and have sold stuff on here, so rest assured, I am 100% legit. Shipping from San Diego, but am willing to do meet-ups. Otherwise, Paypal, money order or concealed cash (at your own risk) are the methods of payment. Not looking for any particular trades, but offer up Supreme stuff in sz L, or the same exact items in sz L. B Son Smock Hoody (Black) - size Medium (purchased off of Selfedge) Worn a handful of times, drycleaned once. Great condition, again a 9/10. [b]Meet-up: $100, Paypal: $110[/b] (WAY CHEAPER THAN Retail price!) [Image]

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[FS] Dunk SB Futura, Awaygun, VividBlue AM90 sz 9-10.5

[b]Just added[/b] DS sz 9 Supreme Green Bruins (never even tried on) [b]Meet-up: $130, Paypal: $140[/b] [Image]

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[FS] SupremexFutura "Divide&Conquer" M, Futura Box M, Bape M, Box Cap, Alife Googly

sz M Supreme x Futura "Divide & Conquer" (Black) Worn sparingly, never washed. Pretty much brand new. Too small for me, basically fits like a Japanese medium (aka: "Smedium"). [b]Meet-up: $65, Paypal: $75[/b] [Image]

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The Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind

I [i]know[/i] there have to be some other cats out there who know of Foreign Exchange. For those of you who don't, it's a group comprised of Phonte from Little Brother and Dutch producer Nicolay. Their first album was a classic, and now they finally have a follow-up, entitled "Leave It All Behind." [Image] They dropped their first single on their new website, [URL] It's not as hip-hop inspired as some of their other shit, but it's still gold. So soft and relaxing, with a hip-hopish beat in the background. Discuss!

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