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Famous Pictures in Legos

Link Here: [URL] My personal favorites: 1) He even got the background right! [Image]

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What A Woman/Family/Story!

I read this story and two things came to mind: 1) Who would do this for me? 2) Who would I do this for? [URL]

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A Little Help with NO-CD Patches

Sup, I downloaded Max Payne off a torrent site. I need to know where I place to No-Cd patch in order to get the game working. Does anyone know?

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Video Game Torrents for Macs

I've been having problems getting video game torrents for Mac OSX. Anyone have some good sites to download torrents?

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The Biggie Hendrix Experience

Saw this on boing boing I'm getting into it right now, I'll let you know what it is. [URL]

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Can someone ID this instrumental for a brother

I came across this song, love it, but I don't know anything else. Any help is appreciated. [URL]

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Name that Sample

Aight Yall, Someone will post an original song and then you name the rap song that used it as a sample. 1) Youtube.com and Imeem.com are two of the best sources for listening to songs. 2) The game goes better if you post the answer to the sample before moving on to another song. 3) [COLOR="Red"][B]Anyone can google the OG song and find out who sampled it and when; DON'T BE THAT GUY WHO CHEATS ON AN INTERNET FORUM GAME.[/B][/COLOR] I'll start us off with something easy... [URL]

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Jay-Z's PSA remix

Yeah the original song is dumb old but I haven't heard this, maybe you neither. Now you have no excuse. [URL] What yall think?

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eBay's got a pair of gray denim for that ass!

I got a ton of PMs asking me about the gray jeans that I posted in WDYWT a while back. Here's a link to a pair in size 34X34: [URL]

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Favorite Online Game

You know you got one I got two of them Madness Interactive - A Matrix like shoot-em-up side scroll joint [URL]

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